Zurrernorn (ズーラーノーン) is a death cult in the New World. It consists of a group of evil magicians, specializing in necromancy.

Background Edit

Zurrernorn is a secret society whose members have a fascination and obsession with death. Due to their previous convictions for attacking cities using undead monsters, they are regarded as serious offenders. It is known that the Twelve Executives lead Zurrernorn.

Twenty years ago, Zurrernorn occupied some ruins and conducted horrifying experiments, which led to a catastrophe that resulted in the destruction of a small city. This organization is considered to be a public enemy by countries in the area due to its extremist nature.

Chronology Edit

The Dark Warrior Arc Edit

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A group of Zurrernorn operatives led by Khajiit Dale Badantel had been making preparations for the past five years to turn E-Rantel into an undead city. Their base of operation was hidden in E-Rantel's cemetery where they perform the ritual.

As they began to execute the final phase of their plan after capturing Nfirea Bareare to empower the Crown of Wisdom, two adventurers came along and stopped the death ritual, killing all members of Zurrernorn present.

Strength Edit

They're considered to be extremely dangerous to human nations. Three of the Twelve Executives are stronger than Clementine, which means at least four of them are at the rank of a Hero. Also, it is described that their leader has succeeded to complete "Death Spiral", the complete destruction of a city by summoning numerous undead.

In addition, there are rumors that the organization has a few liches in its ranks. The reason they are able to maintain influence despite being treated with such hostility is their great power, which inspires awe even among their own ranks. The average adventurer is no match against the Twelve Executives.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the Web Novel, it was Zurrernorn's plan to turn Ainz into an evil god in the eyes of their adepts and use his name to control them. This way, Zurrernorn could get more funds from the nobles and the wealthy they have connections with all over the continent.
  • Zuranon has twelve "High Disciples". It is not certain whether the Twelve High Disciples are same as the Twelve Executives from whom Clementine was part, or the two group are different.
  • It seems that Blue Roses has experienced fighting against Zurrernorn. Gagaran said that it is even dangerous for her to fight with one of the Twelve High Disciples after penetrating waves of undead.
  • The name of the cult is written as Zurrernorn in the official manga's intermission.

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