Zero (ゼロ) was the leader of Six Arms and the head of the security department for the criminal organization, Eight Fingers.

Appearance Edit

Zero was a giant, bald man with half of his face and body covered with tattoos of various beasts. There is a panther on his legs, a falcon on his back, a rhino on his arms, a buffalo on his chest, and a lion on his head. Everything about him is large. The outlines of his muscular figure can be seen through his clothes. The cold glint in his eyes belongs to that of a seasoned warrior.

Personality Edit

Zero was a strategic thinker who's always composed, examining any situation calmly. Given his experience, he was observant enough to recognize that the hole made by Sebas on the iron door of the brothel was made by a fist, not a magical item.

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Chronology Edit

The Men in the Kingdom Arc Edit

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Zero, along with the executives of Eight Fingers, meet in an undisclosed location to discuss various issues affecting the organization. Zero offers to assist Hilma with his resources, but was turned down. However, one of the executives, Cocco Doll, requested for his security services in order to reinforce his hold over his declining slave trade division.

After learning that the brothel had been seized, and that Succulent and Cocco Doll were captured by the authorities, he orders Six Arms to bail Succulent out, as well as gather information on those who were responsible for the attack on the organization and punish them in return.

When Sebas Tian is told to come to a warehouse alone due to Tsuare's kidnapping, four of the Six Arms were there waiting for him. They engaged Sebas in combat but failed to even scratch him, resulting in them all being finished off effortlessly. The other two members were waiting elsewhere and encounter Brain Unglaus, Climb and Lockmyer. Succulent had disguised himself as Tsuare in an attempt to get them to lower their guard down but fails and is next defeated by Climb and Lockmyer. Zero and Brain engage in a fierce battle but are interrupted by Sebas. Not believing that Sebas could kill four of the Six Arms by himself, Zero puts his duel with Brain on hold and attacks Sebas with his strongest attack. It however, does nothing to the butler and Zero dies from a powerful heel drop kick.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Zero was a monk-class, close-combat specialist who used shamanic possession to improve his already formidable fighting power, which made him the strongest member of the Eight Fingers. As a High-level Monk, he had fists harder than steel and was estimated to rival Adamantite ranked adventurers.

Known Classes Edit

  • Monk
  • Shamanic Adept

Martial Arts Edit

  • Iron Skin
  • Single Strike Kill

Main Equipment Edit

  • Monk's Black Belt
  • Armband of the Beast King
  • Boots of Speed

Relationships Edit

Eight Fingers Edit

The leaders of the Eight Fingers were aware of Zero's might and valued it highly.

Six Arms Edit

Zero was the leader of the Six Arms and demanded their respect.

Trivia Edit

  • Zero's strongest skill, a demonic skill that was true embodiment of phrase, "single strike kill", ironically did not move Sebas Tian, not even a budge.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Six Arms): "First, we pay the bail on Succulent and the others who were arrested and gather information. Once that is done arrange for people who know how to torture. We will show the invader hell. He will greatly regret his foolishness!"

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