Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers Edit

Yuri is specialized in close combat. Comparable to Entoma, who has the same level as her, Yuri's skills are more focused toward dealing direct physical damages.

Active Edit

  • Presence Search: It is an ability that could tell the user the numbers and difference in strength. If there was to large a level gap, an undead or construct, it could not be used. But it could detect invisible presences.

Passive Edit

In the battle against Evileye, Yuri has shown that she has resistances against immobilization, blindness, silence and dazzling effects as well as negative energy that drain life force.

Main Equipment Edit

  • Gauntlets: Yuri is seen to wear a pair of spiked gauntlets in the Pleiades illustration. This complements her image of being a close ranged brawler.
  • Unnamed Glasses: Yuri possesses a second pair of glasses that she can wear when she needs to see through invisibility.

Trivia Edit

  • Though she is a level 1 cook, Sebas excluded her from the NPCs who can cook.

Gallery Edit

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