Foresight, a well known worker group

Worker (ワーカー Wākā) is a job similar to an adventurer. However, they receive and complete requests on their own without going through the Adventurer's Guild. In a way, their job is mainly aligned with illegal business practices.


Worker Databook

Although most of the workers selected this job to just earn more money than normal adventurers, a few of them became workers to help people, or to satisfy their own passion for dangerous explorations. This is through using illegal means such as without being strictly bound by the law of the Adventurer's Guild or a respective country.

On the other hand, workers do not receive information support from the Adventurer's Guild. Therefore, they must investigate the difficulty and expect something good in return for doing the quest by themselves. This makes the risk quite high, so much so the career of a worker proves their strength and discernment.


The Dark Warrior Arc

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Clementine hired some workers to survey the house of the Bareare workshop. However, she kills three of them out of blood thirst and then uses a mind-control skill on the last one to have him obey her.

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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From the Baharuth Empire, four worker groups: Foresight, Green Leaf, Heavy Masher, and Tenmu volunteered to explore and investigate the mysterious Large Tomb. Fighting battles against the inhabitants of Nazarick, they were used as test subjects for the security system whether it is working properly or not. However, they were not strong enough and were all easily eliminated by the monsters dwelling in Nazarick.

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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The demise of Six Arms had reached the attention of several low ranking workers of the security department. Seeing this as an opportunity, the workers attempted to overthrow the Executive Council of Eight Fingers. In response, the Executive Council sent in one of their newest assets, an undead warrior from the Sorcerer Kingdom. The undead violently suppressed the uprising killing all forty conspirators.

Known Worker Groups 


  • Workers were different from adventurers; they formed parties based on the power of money and useful relationships.
  • They are called "dropouts" among the adventurers. If adventurers are unable to obey the rules, then their only alternative is to become a worker.
  • Unlike workers, the adventurers are forbidden from using healing magic on common people unless a certain fee is paid to the Adventurer's Guild.
  • The existence of workers can be described as working only for the money. As a result, they are willing to ignore regulations and often make a mess of things for that reason alone. However, there are also other known cases, where they have brought benefits to the people's welfare, such as the creation of cheaper medicines.