Viper's Tattoo is a magical animate snake tattoo.

Description Edit

Hilma, head of Eight Fingers' Drug Department, had a Viper's Tattoo drawn on her arms. She attempted to use this magic item to assassinate Mare, but he easily snake-handled the conjured creature and destroyed it.

Appearance Edit

The Viper's Tattoo takes a seemingly harmless appearance as a work of art on the wearer's skin.

Abilities Edit

The Viper's Tattoo stays in a dormant state upon the wearer's body. Once activated, the conjured snake will suddenly materialize ready to sink its very real fangs into its unknowing victim. The fangs contain a powerful neurotoxin which will immediately cause the victim to experience a short spasm before departing from the world. If the materialized entity is killed, it would take roughly one day’s time in order to recover.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, a demi-human race known as the Magelos, specialize in using tattoos that are actually spells.
  • The item was shown in the Anime, but was never activated by Hilma.