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Bold-italic text marks important places for quick guiding through the timeline. The intend is to quickly see important sources for the time hopping or things I'm unsure about and similar important things that need to be discussed.

The most important parts for deducting the timeline backward to the transition are the events happening in the Kingdom Arc. It is the only Volume (until Vol.11) that had clearly stated New World Months.

Quoted translations are from Skythewood/Nigel.


New World 1st Year

New World 6th Month

  • month of transition

Transition 3rd Day

  • Albedo received her Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. [Vol.1 Ch.3 Part 1 + Vol.3 Ch.4 Part 1]

Transition 5th until 7th Day

  • Gazef stopped in E-Rantel reporting to the mayor an departed for the Royal Capital.
  • Events of "Emissary of the King" took place.
  • Events of Blu-ray BOX2 Special Drama CD (#3) (proposal of holidays) took place.
    • orders Albedo to investigate material for scroll production
    • Sebas is in Nazarick

Transition 9th Day

  • Naberal contacted Albedo about the current status, and Albedo mentioned that Shalltear is currently out on a mission [Vol.2 Ch.1 Part 2]
  • Demiurge reported his departure to Albedo. [Vol.2 Intermission]
    • Not sure if this happened on the same day too. In the manga (ch.5) it looks this way.
    • Albedo has her own room

Transition 12th Day

  • Entoma tried to contact Ainz about Shalltear's "betrayal".

Transition 13th Day

  • Ainz Ooal Gown battled against Shalltear Bloodfallen and succeeded in killing her. The resurrection afterwards annulled the mind-control.
  • 10 days ago, Albedo received her Ring of AOG. [Vol.3 Ch.4 Part 1]

The Following Weeks after Transition 14th Day

  • Brita retired as Adventurer and relocated to Carne Village.
    • "Brita, the former adventurer, had moved into the village after Nfirea." [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 2]
  • The Floor Guardians defeated Zy'tl Q'ae with team play and procured the healing herb requested by Ainzach. [Drama CD1]
  • The Dryad in the Great Forest of Tob became a resident of Nazarick. [Drama CD1]
  • Nabe (with Entoma, Yuri and Shizu as support) exterminated a goblin tribe. [Drama CD1]
    • Drama CD #1: The Sealed Evil Tree
      • more than 1 month after Ainz saved Shalltear
      • Albedo's newlywed-scene ("dinner, bath, me")
        • gives info and gold from E-Rantel
        • happens after the herb collection
      • Retrospection:
        • Momon gets suddenly called by Ainzach
        • mentions in the Adventurer Guild that he has already the quest for extermination of the goblin tribe
          • will undertake Nabe the goblin-quest (with Entoma, Yuri & Shizu as support)
          • Ainzach knows him less than a month

New World 7th Month

  • 1 month after Shalltear

The Lizard Man Heroes: 1st Day

  • The undead messenger-clouds appeared announcing the will of the Supreme One.
    • "Eight days from now, the lizardmen tribe of this lake shall become the second sacrifice." [Vol.4 Ch.1 Part 1]
  • Zaryusu became representative for inviting Red Eye tribe and Dragon Tusk tribe into an Alliance.

The Lizard Man Heroes: 2nd Day

  • Zaryusu arrived at Red Eye and formed an alliance with Crusch Lulu.
    • stayed the night discussing and left next morning

The Lizard Man Heroes: 3rd Day

  • Zaryusu and Crusch arrived at Dragon Tusk tribe and formed an alliance with Zenberu, after Zaryusu beat him.
    • stayed the night drinking and left next morning

The Lizard Man Heroes: 4th Day

  • Captain of the Black Scripture reported to the Cardinals about the encounter with a powerful vampire.
    • This is an assumption, as nothing else of the travel for Zaryusu & Co. is mention and the Intermission of Vol.4 is placed here.

The Lizard Man Heroes: 5th Day

  • After Zaryusu, Crusch and Zenberu returned, the Lizardman Alliance was formed and a strategic meeting held.
    • attack is in 4 days, 3 day preparation
    • "Well then, there is still four days before they attack us, right?" [Vol.4 Ch.3 Part 1]
    • "Next, we will decide the details of all the work we need to do in the next three days." [Vol.4 Ch.3 Part 1]
    • "The two of them were only apart for two days," [Vol.4 Ch.3 Part 1]
      • doesn't add up? had been apart for 3 days?

The Lizard Man Heroes: 6th Day

  • The Lizardman constructed a mud wall for the coming battle, Shasruyu and Zenberu held a mock battle.

The Lizard Man Heroes: 7th Day

  • Demiurge talked with Pulcinella about the process in scroll production.
    • nothing from the Lizardman side is mentioned

The Lizard Man Heroes: 8th Day

  • Organizational meeting with Albedo about the New World map, use of Gold and resurrection. [Vol.4 Prologue, Drama CD1 Part1]
    • one month after Shalltear
      • "Returning to his own room after half a month, Albedo’s next words drained all the strength from his body." [Vol.4 Prologue] (newlywed-scene)
      • it's been about 1 month since he was last in Nazarick [Manga c015p001]
      • newlywed-scene did occur after more than one month in Drama CD1 [Vol.4 Prologue]
    • Albedo mention that the trap to lure out the Word Item-user didn't catch [Vol.4 Prologue]
      • the trap is the battle with the Lizardman
    • Ainz has Adventurer work to do and wants the battle to be recorded [Vol.4 Prologue]
      • Vol.4 Prologue (Lizardman 8th? Day) -> Ainz out on a quest as Momon -> Vol.3 Epilogue (Lizardman 10th Day)
    • nothing mention from the Lizardman-side

The Lizard Man Heroes: 9th Day

  • The Lizardman battle the undead army of the Supreme One lead by Cocytus and obtained victory after defeating the Elder Lich.
    • "Cocytus was holed up for two days in this wooden house" [Vol.4 Ch.3 Part 2]
      • Fake Nazarick still under construction
    • the sun is just going up (bonfires are still lit by the Lizardman) -> battle started at sunrise
    • Entoma supervises Cocytus battle and reported to Ainz that Cocytus messaged Demiurge for help
    • “Order Gangantua to start moving, call Victim and wait for Cocytus to return. Since this is a rare opportunity, let all the Floor Guardians move out together.” [Vol.3 Epilogue]
      • happend after the map-meeting with Albedo
      • Ainz got informed that Cocytus lost (per Message)
      • Vol.3 Epilogue takes place one month after Shalltear

The Lizard Man Heroes: 10th Day

  • Cocytus with the other Floor Guardians got summoned before Ainz and appealed for the Lizardman.
    • Gargantua is already activated

The Lizard Man Heroes: 11th Day

  • After a power demonstration with Nazarick Guarders and the oblation battle with Cocytus, the Lizardman swear fealty to Ainz Ooal Gown. [Vol.4 Ch.4 Part 3]

Blu-ray BOX3 Special Drama CD (#4)

  • Hamsuke has gone missing while transferring experimental materials to the 6th floor so that Ainz, Nabe, Albedo and Shalltear got on a search.
    • Ainz is making undeads to strengthen Nazarick
    • Aura just returned from Tob Forest
      • Aura is building the fortress in Tob Forest
    • only Shalltear & Mare are in Nazarick
    • Sebas is gathering information (Re-Estize) (Vol.3)
    • Demiurge is doing work outside ("away mission")
    • Cocytus has gone to the Lizardman Village to lead them (after Vol.4)
    • Shalltear is in the Bar still depressed (-> Piki Vol.4)
    • Naberal receives Ring of AOG (temporary)

New World 8th Month

  • I get the feeling that Vol.8 happened in parallel with Vol.5 and Vol.6
  • If there where not so many little hints within Vol.8 pointing to Vol.5 and the fact that is stated that Sebas is still in Re-Estize [Side 2 Part 2 & Part 4], I would argue it happened after the Kindom-arc
  • Cocytus is out submitting the Toadman.

The Two Leaders: 1st Day

  • Lizzie and Nfirea Bareare developed the Purple Potion with patronage of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • While gathering Enkaishi in the Great Forest of Tob, Nfirea, Enri and her goblins defeated a Barghest and rescued Agu.
  • Nfirea gives the new potion to Lupusregina Beta [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 2]
  • Agus tribe and the Ogres become residents of Carne Village.
  • Timehints:
    • "Although several months had passed, the wounds from that incident had not yet healed." [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 1]
    • refreshing cool & clear air, with grassy smell [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 1] -> might be summer
    • "[...] the past two months had been some of the busiest moments in Lizzie’s long life" [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 1] -> 2 months after Shalltear
    • "After the wheat was harvested, the tax collectors would come around the village." [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 1] -> harvest still ongoing or not long until harvest?
    • Enri is weeding the fields [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 1]
    • "The wheat they’d planted had grown slowly but steadily, and as the harvest season approached, the wheat would slowly turn golden. Although a wheat field painted gold was a beautiful sight, the weeding work before that was both essential and annoying. If it wasn’t done, that golden field would also be a very lonely one. Her labour now was entirely for the sake of the harvest to come." [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 1]
    • the wall seen when Momon visited Carne was from dismantled houses -> the new wall constructed by golems was made after Hamsuke got tamed

The Two Leaders: 2nd Day

  • Enri traveled to E-Rantel while Nfirea tended Agu's tribe.

The Two Leaders: 3rd Day

  • Enri arrived in E-Rantel, sold the gathered herbs and reported about the turmoil in the Great Forest of Tob to the Adventurer's Guild.
  • While Enri traveled back to Carne Village, all villagers of Carne voted for Enri to be their new Village Chief. [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 3]
  • Ainz killed the Giant of the East and turned him into a Zombie, while the Snake of the West swore fealty to him.
  • Enri arrived in E-Rantel at high noon. [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 3] -> it is 13:35 [see Vol.8 Side 2 Part 3]
  • Albedo gets grounded for 3 days, after she lust-tackeld Ainz

The Two Leaders: 4rd Day

  • Enri arrived back in Carne Village and accepted to become the new Village Chief.
  • Lupusregina came back to Carne Village after she got scolded by Ainz. (“Really, En-chan, it’s such a pain.” [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 3])
  • “But, ah, yes. It’s kind of rare that we get to see Lupusregina-san two days in a row. Did something happen?” [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 3]
    • This is the only part I'm unsure about. With the deduction from above, Enri shouldn't be able to meet Lupusregina two days in a row. The day before she was in E-Rantel. In the part before it is described how she would have to sleep the night on the plains. And after arrving in Carne, Nfirea scolds her for sleeping on the plains. A trip from Carne to E-Rantel (or vis a vi) takes from dawn til dusk, it's a day-long travel (not 24h, more like 12-14h). Please compare it with the travel Momon did in Vol.2.
  • Lupusregina meets Yuri in the sky (reminder of her scolding)
    • Entoma has given the start-message for the troll attack on Carne

The Two Leaders: 9th Day

  • Zombie-Guu and the subordinates of Ryraryus attacked Carne Village and in process Lupusregina saved Nfirea life.
    • "you’ve only started learning for five days" [Vol.8 Side 1 Part 4]

The Two Leaders: ?? Day

  • Nfirea, Enri and Nemu had dinner with Ainz.
    • I have no proof, but I get the feeling that the maid that served the tea for Nfirea and Enri before the dinner with Ainz is Tsuare.
    • "I keep thinking that over the past few days, I’ve matured mentally…" and "The greatsword Jugem was holding had been obtained in the raid several days ago." [Vol.8 Side 1 Epilogue] So about a week?

8th Month, 26th Day

  • 13:45 Sebas helped an old woman on his way to the Kingdom’s Magician’s Guild.
  • 15:27 Sebas purchased a scroll.
    • sold with silver coins (gold coins form Ainz already received?)
    • Solution was once with Sebas in the Guild (introduction?)
  • 16:06 Sebas rescued a woman close to death.
    • "the sky was gradually being dyed red"
    • after a walking, the sun was setting (~17:00) -> long shadows?
    • "Since it was almost time for the curtain of night to fall, it would be prudent for him to start heading back."
  • 18:58 After he returned to the residents, Solution healed the picked up woman's wounds.
    • Solution mentioned to Sebas, that Lupusregina is on good terms with Enri
  • 19:37 Sebas soothed the woman he rescued.
    • Ainz had wiped Shalltear's tears [Vol.4 Ch.4 Part 1]

The Dark Hero's Story: 1st Day | Vol.5 Intermission

  • Narberal, send out to purchase metals for the Exchange Box, encountered Torkel Karan Dale Völkchenheim who fell in love with her on first sight.
  • After Torkel's aid Andre came back gathering information, he persuaded him to hire Nabe and Momon as bodyguards for his family's tradition of going monster hunting for the coming of age ritual.
  • happened between 8th Month, 26th Day and 9th Month, 3rd Day???
  • Vol.5 Intermission correspondents with Drama CD #2: The Dark Hero's Story
  • Ainz is troubled by the lack of funds (not enough money)
    • additional funding for Sebas
    • reconstruction of the Lizardman Village is still ongoing
      • restoration of the Lizardmen village that Cocytus requested
        • tools not delivered yet -> in Vol.8, the construction is (almost) complete
      • Cocytus states that he will return to Nazarick to guard (Drama CD)
      • Cocytus is not mentioned in the Intermission (guarding?)
  • buying metals for the shredder
  • he put barley and not wheat in the Exchange Box?
    • in the Drama CD is was wheat flour
  • fake Nazarick is build
  • Guardians met Victim already
  • Nabe had already subjugated the Goblin Tribe from the Southern Forest
  • Hamsuke got equipped with armor to test it out -> was still training without armor and the blacksmith is making it [Vol.8 Side 2 Part 3]
  • reminiscence about Yamaiko -> is forgetting what they talked about in the past [Drama CD, but it happend also in the LN, but could find it anymore...]
  • thinks about salary for the Guardians
    • bidding contest over remuneration items [Drama CD]
  • Lupusregina is in Carne
  • Narberal is with Ainz
  • Solution and Sebas are in a human city (Re-Estize?)

The Dark Hero's Story: 2nd Day

  • On the bodyguard quest for Torkel, Nabe rejects his marriage proposal and Momon defeated a Giant Basilisk.

New World 9th Month, First Half

9th Month, 1st Day

  • 14:15 Gazef picked up the devastated Brain.
    • heavily rainy day

9th Month, 2nd Day

  • 23:30 Blue Roses raided the Black Dust plants of Eight Fingers.
    • "He stepped outside, feeling the heat seep into his body. Though the man wore a bitter expression, he had to attest at least this much to the season. Even when the sun wasn’t up, at this time of the day, everywhere in the Kingdom was humid from the heat. With that said, the worst of it was supposed to have passed and the days to get steadily cooler. Not even the smallest sign of this could be found anywhere." [Vol.5 Ch.1 Part 1]
      • humid heat
      • it should get cooler, but it is still hot
      • late summer / early autumn? after solstice!
  • clear nightsky without a cloud
  • Tia/Tina heard that a 3rd admantium team was formed (Darkness)

9th Month, 3rd Day

  • 04:01 Gazef left his home for the Palace.
    • sunlight shines into his room
    • "Ensnared by the fear of that monster chasing him, he fled all the way to the capital with almost no sleep or rest. The fear of Shalltear appearing before him while he slept, of her clawing through the darkness as he ran on the road... he was dominated by that uneasiness and moved without getting a decent night of sleep."
      • It just doesn't add up. Brain would need no longer that 7 days to reach the Capital (on foot vs. 1 whole day on horseback), but it took him at least half a month.
  • 04:15 Climb woke up and prepped himself for training.
    • "the heavy rain from two days ago"
    • "He wakes even before the sun rises."
      • but 04:01 this sun was already rising?
  • 04:35 Gazef and Climb held a sparring session.
  • 06:00 In the meeting of the Eight Fingers, Hilda reported about the attack on her black dusk plants and slave trader Cocco Doll hired the Six Arm Succulent from Zero.
    • Coco Doll already knows a strong person took the girl (captured and interrogate the fugitive)
  • 06:22 Climb had a meal in the mess hall.
  • 08:02 On his way to Princess Renner, Climb met Prince Zanac and Maquise Raeven in the hallway.
    • sun is now up
  • 08:11 Renner deciphered the leaked information from Eight Fingers drug trade department for Lakyus and discussed about what to do with the last remaining underworld brothel in the capital (for which one of her maids was acquainted with).
    • Climb didn't knock on entering
  • 09:42 As Brain left Gazef's home for a stroll he witnessed how Sebas rescued a boy from thugs and followed him.
  • 09:48 While Sebas got into an argument with Solution, Staffan Heivish with Succulent false charge him of buying a slave, leading Solution to contact Ainz about the situation.
    • want to come back two days later
    • daily communication via Message with Entoma and the others
    • "Currently, thanks to Demiurge’s efforts, the day when mass production of low rank scrolls would become possible was nearly at hand. However, that was not the case back when Solution had been deployed and as such, this 「Message」 scroll was given to her to be used only for emergencies."
      • scroll production is good on the way
  • 09:49 Climb delivered Gagaran and Evileye a message from Lakyus and received a apprenticed.
    • “Apparently it only took them around two months. First they took care of the incident in E-Rantel regarding the thousands of undead that spawned. Then they exterminated the coalition of goblin tribes from the north, gathered an incredibly rare herb from the Tob Mountains, subjugated a Gigant Basilisk, and exterminated a group of undead that spilled over from the Katze Plains. I also heard that they defeated a powerful vampire.” [Vol.5 Ch.2 Part 2]
      • I'm more inclined to belief that the feats happened within 2 months
      • at minimum 2 month after Shalltear
      • source doesn't seem to be the Adventurer's Guild
  • 10:27 Climb witnessed on his way back to the palace how Sebas rescued a boy from thugs and followed him asking to be trained.
  • 10:31 Sebas helped a kicked boy from thugs and lured his pursuer into a dark alley where Climb overcame his fear of death, Brain realized that he lacked something greater than fear, and interrogated the defeated Assassins send by Succulent.
  • 12:07 While Sebas raided the underground brothel of Coco Doll from the front killing Stafan Hevish on the way...
  • 12:12 ...Brain and Climb raided the underground brothel from the back and captured Succulent of Six Arms and the leader of the slave trade group from Eight Fingers, Coco Doll.
  • 17:42 Solution awaited Sebas arrival at the mansion entrance and escorted him to Ainz.
    • "the sun had already begun to set"
  • 17:44 After Sebas is put to the test for loyalty, Tsuare is granted the protection of Ainz Ooal Gown to repay his debt for her sister.
    • needed time to confirm in the Thone Hall (beforehand)
    • took about 5min for the real Ainz to teleport
    • Nazarick is running low on wheat
      • Sebas is to purchase large amounts of wheat (for the breeding pans)
      • large purchase for good price only possible after harvest, price from silo is higher
    • Aniz mentions that Demiurge is preparing for the creation of the demon king (Jaldabaoth)
    • Demiurge found strange information among Sebas reports and wants to investigate further
  • 18:27 Brain returned to Gazef and told his history about Shalltear Bloodfallen and the raid of the brothel.
  • 19:05 (After he knocked for a second time,) Climb reported to Renner about the brothel raid and she informed him about the planned attack on Eight Fingers (and leaked Climb achievement to the maid acquainted with the brothel).
  • 22:10 Six Arms inspected the raided brothel and planed to set an example for the intruder.
    • will bail out Succulent and the other arrested to torture them for information
      • Sebas identity is unknown at this point (by Zero)

9th Month, 4th Day

  • 07:14 Blue Rose assembled by Renner and she sent Climb to meet Maquise Raeven for the simultaneous attack on Eight Fingers.
    • Blue Rose learned about Sebas
      • Renner knew beforehand
  • 09:37 Conspired meeting of Renner, Prince Zanac and Maquise Raeven.
    • Zanac give the hideout of the Drug Trade Branch (Hilma) out for the hit list
    • 8 places to hit = 7 from the message + 1 from Zanac
      • 5 Blue Rose + 1 Gazef + 1 Brain & Climb + 1 Momon = 8
    • now should be the time when Raeven called for Momon at least
  • 15:01 Tsuare had been kidnapped by Eight Fingers while Sebas and Solution said there fake farewells to the merchants.
    • purchased the wheat
    • the wheat has been moved to Nazarick
  • 15:15 Ainz ordered Albedo to assamble a punitive force for the rescue of Tsuare led by Demiurge.
    • "the room looked rather desolate and empty. After two months of her stay though, it was a different story."
      • 2 month after the Emissary of the King (at least)
      • had her own room in Vol.2 Intermission
      • would confirm that Vol.5 and Vol.8 happened in parallel
        • Tsuare is the maid serving Enri & Nfirea?
    • Albedo wants to see Ainz again
      • "Albedo vented her jealousy of Narberal who went on a trip with Ainz"
      • Naberal is out "on a trip" with Ainz -> Adventurer work -> request from Raeven?
    • contacted Albedo per Message
      • "Albedo remembered Tsuare when Ainz mentioned her. Ainz became Momon and left for E-Rantel immediately, but Demiurge who remained had told the vague details about her."
      • left immediately after the meeting with Sebas for the Eight Fingers request and to fly from E-Rantel to Re-Estize?
        • "This time it seems to be a criminal organization lurking in the Kingdom." -> still doesn't know the content of the request?
      • Albedo is to form an appropriate squad for the rescue of Tsuare
  • 20:31 Demiurge and his Evil Lords, Shalltear, Mare, Entoma as well as Sebas and Solution gathered for the strategic meeting to also attack Eight Fingers in Phase 1 and execute Operation Gehenna in Phase 2.
  • 21:00 Lakyus instructed the seven raid teams against Eight Fingers, and Climb with Brain and his squad departed for one location.
  • 21:10 Mare abducted Hilma in the raid together with Entoma on the drug traders main base.
  • 21:51 Climb, Brain and the thief meet Sebas and prepared to raid the security branch location together.
    • sun is down
  • 22:13 Climb and the Thief defeated Succulent disguised as Tsuare, while Brain engaged Zero only til Sebas defeated him.
  • 22:15 Sebas took down Davernoch, Edström, Peshurian and Malmvist of Six Arms.
    • Sebas headed to Nazarick with Tsuare
  • 22:20 Gagaran, Tia and Evileye fiercely battled Entoma and defeated her.
  • 22:27 In the last minute Jaldabaoth rescued Entoma and killed Gagaran and Tia, and in Evileye's fight with him Momon fell from the sky.
  • 22:31 Momon and Nabe came flying to the Royal Capital with the help of Maquise Raeven's magic casters help to fight the Six Arms and Eight Fingers.
    • "That morning, the two of them had accepted a quest from the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild for an unprecedented amount of money. The client was Marquis Raeven."
      • Ainz still in money trouble (accepted the request because of the good reward)
      • they wanted Momon to fight alongside them against Six Arms of Eight Fingers (heard it on the flight?)
    • "travelling overland by horseback would take an entire day"
    • "In this way, they had rushed straight to the capital all day long until now. However, even with this trick, time was still very tight, and they had already fallen behind schedule."
    • count for the flght to E-Rantel and back (two-way!) needed for the magic casters from Raeven
  • 22:33 Evileye plead Momon for help and Jaldabaoth stated his goal to search for a mighty magical item.
    • Demiurge is surprised seeing Momon (Ainz) -> didn't know of it?

Vol.6 Intermission

  • Jircniv discussed with Fluder that he wanted the newly emerged magic caster Ainz Oowl Gown under his control and to collect information about Darkness.
  • no concrete time given
  • Jircniv heard already about Ainz before the report of Gazef was written (one of the Six Great Nobles is a spy, mentioned by Renner)
  • obtained the written report about what Gazef said [see Vol.3 Prologue]
  • Jircniv wants to put Ainz under his control, Fluder is to investigate him -> leads to events in Vol.7 (Fluder's betrayal)

9th Month, 5th Day

  • 00:47 The palace summon all adventurers in the capital in an emergency meeting for the countermeasures against Jaldabaoth.
    • "I shouldn't speak to Gazef. Even if it's just for a moment, and even if it's been two months ago so he shouldn't remember..."
  • 01:12 Meeting of the key-figures in Renners chamber for the true purpose of the laid out strategy.
  • 02:30 Adventurers under Lakyus's command advanced into Jaldabaoths territory.
  • 02:41 Climb, Brain and the former orichalcum ranked thief encountered Shalltear on the way to rescue civilians.
  • 03:38 Momon flashly aided the guards.
  • 03:44 Lakyus assault team got aid from Gazef with his troops and the resurrected Gagaran and Tia.
  • 03:46 Momon engaged Jaldabaoth and Evileye engaged Alpha and Delta, while Nabe "took on" Beta, Epsilon and Zeta.
  • 03:53 Ainz and Demiurge discussed the operation's details and objectives.
    • Ainz: "During the break before we travelled to the capital, I sent a 「Message」 to Albedo to have her begin future preparations. It seems it was the right choice."
  • 03:56 Nabe "fought" Beta, Epsilon and Zeta, in a leisurely talk about Evileye.
  • 03:57 Climb, Brain and the thief found a warehouses full with the civilians.
  • 03:59 Evileye fought Alpha and Delta.
  • 04:03 Jaldabaoth conceded victory to Momon after an intense battle, leaving behind the wanted artifact.

9th Month, 6th Day

  • 08:45 Tsuare got introduced as new maid of Nazarick.

9th Month, 7th Day

  • 16:51 Climb met Renner to talk about the aftermath of Jaldabaoth.
    • "room dyed red by the rays of the setting sun"

9th Month, 10th Day

  • 09:08 Momon and Nabe bid farewell to Blue Rose and Marquis Raven at the royal capital.
  • 18:45 Aura takes over the Eight Fingers.
    • is the construction of Fake Nazarick finished?

New World 9th Month, Second Half

  • had already the dinner with Nfirea and Enri?!
  • needed time before "The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 1st Day" = time to settle things in Nazarick [Vol.7 Prologue] + at least 4 days travel time to the Empire (if not teleported)

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: Prologue

  • Ainz became aware, that the NPCs think his goal is world domination.
  • "I would like to thank Sebas and Solution for the effort they put in for the past month in intelligence gathering."
    • was only one month in the Capital?
    • happened after Sebas left Re-Estize
    • happened after Aura took command of Eight Fingers
      • "any useful information they had was already extracted" -> after 9th Month, 10th Day
  • Pestonya and Nigredo risked going against Ainz orders in order to save the humans captured by Jaldabaoth.
    • Albedo put them under house arrest for it

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 1st Day

  • Fluder swore fealty to Ainz and thus betrayed the Baharuth Empire and his ruler.
  • Fluder met with Jircniv to send Workers via Earl Femel to invade Nazarick.
  • Vol.7 Ch.2 Part 2 [Fluder 1]
    • Fluder received orders from Jircniv to investigate Jaldabaoth
      • "About one month ago, a group of demons assaulted the Kingdom’s capital."
    • "Because of the demon crisis, the annual invasion against the Kingdom hadn’t been launched this year."
    • visit in the lowest level with his disciples (Death Knights)
    • Momon requests to speak with Fluder
  • Vol.7 Ch.4 Part 4 [Fluder 2]
    • Momon is invited to the conference room in the ministry of magic by Fluder
    • takes off his ring and Fluder swears fealty to him
  • Vol.7 Ch.1 Part 1 [Fluder 3]
    • "It's about time to release those two from house arrest… Albedo’s temper should have cooled off by now."
      • see Vol.7 Prologue
    • "For the time being, the plan is to first tour the capital in the next two days."
      • central market (on the first day?)
      • northern market (on the second day?)
        • sell magic items in the center area, and adventurers frequent that place
        • Foresight spots Darkness there
    • "The third day is to visit the Adventurer's Guild. If possible, I would like to make connections with some of the adamantite adventurers of the Empire, if not, then let's simply complete our current tasks and head home. Overall it should take around seven days."
      • overall -> including the workers being dead at that time?

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 2nd Day

  • Foresight discussed the offered commission from Earl Femel and decided to accept it.
  • After the debt-collector came to the inn, Arche confessed that her family is in debt.
  • Momon tours the capital by this time? Central Market?
  • received a new commission, after returning from Katze Plains
    • "If we don't decide by tomorrow, things might become troublesome." [Vol.7 Ch.1 Part 2]
    • Foresight promised to give the client a reply by tomorrow
  • Hekkeran & Arche convert into cash, while Roberdyck & Imina go to prepare the necessary items
    • on the North Market are Hekkeran & Roberdycke, so it shouldn't be the same day (but the day afterwards)

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 3rd Day

  • While Hekkeran and Roberdyck visited the North Market of Arwintar to replenish needed items, they spotted Momon and Nabe shopping.

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 4th Day

  • The worker teams Foresight, Heavy Masher, Green Leaf and Tenmu gathered at Earl Femel's estate.
  • Momon, tasked with the security of the trip for the commission, showed the Adventurers worth in a mock battle with Parpatra.
  • The two carriages pulled by Sleipnirs departed for the undiscovered tomb.
  • Momon visited the Adventurer's Guild? (3rd day)
  • "Several worker teams had already gathered on the Earl’s estate before dawn."'[Vol.7 Ch.2 Part 1]
  • leadership order: Gringham -> Parpatra -> Hekkeran
    • Hekkeran wanted the order reversed because he will be leader on the day they arrive in the Kingdom
  • everyone has already accepted the request
    • had to give their consent the day before

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 5th Day until 7th Day

  • The commissioners traveled to the Great Tomb of Nazarick.
    • Source: Vol.7 Epilogue -> 4 days travel time

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: Intermission

  • Rigrit visited the Platinum Dragon Lord.
  • Rigrit had given the ring received form Tsar to Gazef, and he gave him to Climb.
    • Climb mentions the ring in 9th Month, 5th Day, 03:57

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 8th Day

  • The four worker teams invaded Nazarick on nightfall, while Ainz observed the invaders and Pandora's Actor disguised himself as Momon.
  • Green Leaf encountered 5 of the Pleiades (excluding Narberal) and fought Nazarick Old Guarders while on guard duty outside the tomb.
  • Heavy Masher encountered Kyouhukou and Neuronist.
  • Erya faced of against Hamsuke as his test subject for using Material Arts.
    • Hamsuke wants to start (finally) combat training with armor '[Vol.7 Ch.3 Part 3]
  • While Foresight face off against Ainz, Arche got chased and captured by Shalltear.
    • nightsky on the arena floor -> still night outside?
  • carriages arrived in daylight
  • Zaryusu has married Crusch and she is pregnant [Vol.7 Ch.3 Part 3]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 9th Day

  • Pandora's Actor disguised as Momon suggested to wait another day for the Workers to return.
    • "The fact that none of the workers returned even when it was morning had caused a panic among the adventurers, and they had hurriedly reported it to Momon—Pandora’s Actor, who suggested that they wait another day." '[Vol.7 Ch.4 Part 3]
  • Albedo formed her strongest team in search for other Supreme Beings.
  • While Jircniv discussed the matter regarding Jaldabaoth with his trustworthy people, Aura and Mare riding a dragon delivered the message that Ainz wishes to hear an apology for invading his home.
    • Vol.7 Ch.4 Part 4 continues with Vol.9 Prologue
  • the spies of the emperor estimated that the workers have been wiped out
    • "but it was quite a shocking turn of events for them to be wiped out in just one day, or perhaps even half a day." ['Vol.7 Ch.4 Part 4]
  • "Considering that it was an urgent situation where none of the workers had returned, they should have retreated immediately, so it’s estimated that it will still take around four days in total." [Vol.7 Ch.4 Part 4]
    • 4 days travel time Arwintar <-> Nazarick
  • Jircniv: "All preparations considered, I think I will be able to pay you a visit in five days' time." [Vol.9 Prologue]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 10th Day

  • The Darkness and the Adventurers departed from the ruins.

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 13th Day

  • Adventurers are back in Arwintar.
    • At the earliest, if they departed on the 10th Day early in the morning. (4 day travel)

New World 10th Month

  • Jircniv arrived at the very beginning of the 10th Month (or possibly last day(s) of 9th Month)

The Invaders of the Large Tomb: 14th Day

  • On the ride to Nazarick, Jircniv, his secretary, Baziwood of the Four Imperial Knights and Fluder talked about state affairs and magic.
  • Arrived at the lattice door, the Imperial contingent witnessed five Death Knights used as man-servants to assemble furniture for drinking.
  • In the Throne Hall, Jircniv apologized to Ainz with Earl Femel's head, which he turned into a Death Knight before his eyes.
  • Ainz held a "review session" with the Guardians after Jircniv left.
  • On his way back to the Empire, Jircniv planed to form a grand alliance of all nations to counter Ainz and deducted that Fluder has betrayed him.
  • Jircniv arrived in winter to apologize?
    • "During this season, the air coming in from the outside should have been cold," [Vol.9 Ch.1 Part 1]
    • "Although it did not look like it would rain soon, it was hard to call the weather good with those dark clouds in the sky. In addition, there must be a chill in the air since it was winter" [Vol.9 Ch.1 Part 2]
    • "The refreshing, clear air which surrounded him now should only have been found in spring. The chill grasp of winter was nowhere to be found." [Vol.9 Ch.1 Part 2]
      • Yuri removed the dark clouds with magic
      • magic also warmed the air? or only warmer while now sunshine?

New World 11th Month

The Magic Caster of Destroy: Proclamation

  • The Six Great Nobles gathered and discussed the coming war with the Empire, after they read the proclamation of Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown's sovereignty for E-Rantel and it's surroundings.
  • one month after Jircniv visited Ainz [Vol.9 Ch.2 Part 1, RAW pg.125] (1 month confirmed in raw)
  • "the Empire aimed to invade the Kingdom during fall, the harvest season, when they would need the most manpower" [Vol.9 Ch.2 Part 1]

New World 12th Month

The Magic Caster of Destroy: 1st Day

  • King Lanpossa III, the great nobles and Gazef gathered in the VIP villa in E-Rantel to hold a strategic meeting for the battle at Kaze Plains.
  • Crown Prince Barbro left E-Rantel on the Kings orders to investigate Carne Village about Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • The King, Gazef, Panasolei and Raeven discussed further about the coming battle and the state of the Kingdom.
  • Gazef, Brain and Climb talked about the comming battle and Ainz Ooal Gown on one of the watch towers.
  • Nible of the Four Imperial Knights and General Carvain welcomed Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown in the garrison of the Empire on Katze Plains.
  • "It had been two months since the Empire’s declaration of war, and now it was winter." [Vol.9 Ch.2 Part 2, RAW pg.156]
  • "This is a missive from the Empire that arrived several days ago. It states the proposed site of the battlefield." [Vol.9 Ch.2 Part 2]
  • "In the past, the [anual] wars had been fought during the harvest season of autumn. This war would be fought in winter, and the additional expenses for things like firewood, warm clothing and so on were beginning to add up." [Vol.9 Ch.2 Part 2]
  • "…Then let us begin the preparations to move out. We shall leave tomorrow. It will take us two days to reach the battlefield, so do not grow lax in your preparations. Then, you are dismissed." [Vol.9 Ch.2 Part 2]
  • "the cool, fresh air brought by the winter wind refreshed their bodies" [Vol.9 Ch.2 Part 3]
  • Nabe was in E-Rantel [Vol.9 Ch.3 Part 1]
  • "As soon as we finish our task, we will set out immediately and return to E-Rantel by night fall. After a short break, we will head towards Katze Plains and aim to get there before sunrise." [Vol.9 Ch.3 Part 1]
    • Barbro wants to return to E-Rantel very fast (before nightfall)
    • and than with only a short rest arrive at Katze Plains before sunrise

The Magic Caster of Destroy: 2nd Day

  • Kingdom's army left E-Rantel for Katze Plains.
  • Barbro ordered his 5'000 men strong army to attack Carne Village after he got impatient.
  • Enri used the second horn and summoned a powerful goblin army, forcing Barbro to retreat.
  • Lupusregina massacred Barbro and his remaining troops for attacking Carne Village with summoned mercenary goblins.
  • "The coming of winter was hell for small villages. All they could do was pray for the coming of the warmer seasons while weathering the cold days in their homes. If spring was late, or if the harvest in autumn was meager, they might be forced to eat their seed stock, and people would still starve to death even if they did so." [Vol.9 Ch.3 Part 2]
  • villagers raised pigs to feed the Ogres
    • didn't do this in Vol.7
  • "If we could make some farming tools for the ogres, the spring seeding should go a lot faster." [Vol.9 Ch.3 Part 2]
  • "When the tax collectors came in autumn, Jugem and the others had to hide in order to escape being noticed. Incidentally, it was due to their efforts that the grain harvest was so bountiful." [Vol.9 Ch.3 Part 2]
  • "Since Carne Village had been attacked by Imperial knights, they only needed to pay a nominal tribute, which was a stroke of luck for them. In addition, they were excused from the draft for several years." [Vol.9 Ch.3 Part 2]
  • Jugem also says it's winter
  • "this was the dead of winter" [Vol.9 Ch.3 Part 2]
  • "on a winter day that was cold enough to turn breath into white fog" [Vol.9 Ch.3 Part 2]

The Magic Caster of Destroy: 3rd Day

  • Kingdom's army of 245'000 men arrived at Katze Plains.
  • The Empires 60'000 soldiers arrived on the battlefield with Ainz' 500 monster strong army consisted of Death Knight and Death Warriors riding on Soul Eaters in tow causing an uproar.
  • Ainz casted the over-rank spell Iä Shub-Niggurath to sacrifice 70'000 soldiers of the Kingdom in an instant to summon five Dark Youngs and revealed his skeleton face to make it publicly known that he is an undead.
  • After Gazef rejected Ainz offer to become his vassal he dueled him and got slayed, and Ainz declared to the witnessed Brain and Climb that the Kingdom shall cede E-Rantel and it surroundings to him.

The Magic Caster of Destroy: 4th Day

  • Brain decided to inherit the will left behind by Gazef.
  • The nobles of the Kingdom decided unanimously to hand E-Rantel over to the Sorcerer King.
  • "cold wind swept away his pale white breath" [Vol.9 Epilogue]
  • Prince Barbro still hasn't returned
    • still don't know he is dead

The Magic Caster of Destroy: Intermission

  • The queen of the Dragonic Kingdom discussed with her Prime Minister about the Beastmen invasion.
  • "Yeah, it seems to have been delayed by half a year, due to some magic caster's declaration. Do you wish me to investigate?" [Vol.9 Intermission]

New World 2nd Year

3rd Month

3rd Month, 20th Day

  • E-Rantel was officially ceded to Ainz Ooal Gown and became a city in the Sorcerous Kingdom of Nazarick.
  • "Everyone looked forward to the coming of spring"
  • "On the first day of spring in E-Rantel, however, all that greeted it was silence."
    • first day in spring would be the day of the spring equinox

4th Month

4th Month, 4th Day

  • Meeting of the highest authority of the Slane Theocracy discussed the founding of the Sorcerous Kingdom
  • Decided to send an emissary to secretly meet the Emperor and question his stance
  • "Our first topic is the seizure of the Kingdom’s Fortress City E-Rantel and its surrounding area as the heart of the Sorcerous Kingdom of Ainz Ooal Gown, a fortnight ago." [Vol.9 Intermission]
    • 14 days after seizure of E-Rantel
    • know that Momon stood against Ainz

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Empire 1st Day

  • Jircniv secretly talked with his scribe about the arrival of emissarys from the Slane Theocracy
  • the emissary from Slane will "arrive within the next few days" [Ch.3 Part 2]
  • "Two weeks later, a coach with Jircniv on board left for the arena." [Ch.3 Part 2] -> See further "The Ruler of Conspiracy: Empire 15th Day"

4th Month, 20th day

  • Orders for Pestonya and Nigredo to be released from their confinement and to be in charge of running the orphanage in E-Rantel
  • Mare has been tasked with building an underground tomb on the outskirts of E-Rantel
  • Cocytus is still in charge of the Great Forest of Tob and the Great Lake
  • Demiurge assigned to a mission in the Holy Kingdom
  • Ainz meet with Pandora's Actor
  • Ainz throught up the goals for the Sorcerous Kingdom
  • Discussed reformation of the Adventurer's Guild with Ainzach
  • "Once he left his home, he found that the outdoors was still quite cool, as befitting the season. The wind had a hint of chill in it," [Part 2]
    • end of spring, starting of summer
  • "It had been a month since he had thought that." [Part 1]
    • The maid would be tierd of the night watch
    • Fifth was the maid taking over in the morning
      • Fourth was doing the "night watch"
  • fake Nazarick (now storehouse) had been completed

5th Month

  • time wise, Albedo's visit to the Kingdom and Ainz visit to the Empire and the Dwarf Kingdom happened in parallel

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Kingdom 1st Day

  • Climb picks up Renner who visited the newly build orphanage with Tina and Evileye as "bodyguards"
  • On return to the palace while meeting Zanac, Renner and her brohter both get informed that an envoy form the Sorcerous Kingdom will come
  • Ainz sees of Albedo and gave her a farwell kiss
    • "Albedo was to leave for the Kingdom on a clear, sunny day, and Ainz came to see her off at the courtyard of his residence." [Vol.10 Ch.3 Part 1]
    • "For instance, Albedo had not opposed the formation of the Adventurer’s Guild, but it might be better to ask him in person when he [Demiurge] returned. [Vol.10 Ch.3 Part 1]
      • Albedo knows (know) of Ainz plans of the Adventurer's Guild

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Kingdom 8th Day

  • Zanac welcomed Albedo on the gates of Re-Estize and invited her to the dinner with the Royal Family
    • "It was estimated that the envoys of the Sorcerous Kingdom would take about a week to travel from E-Rantel to the Royal Capital. Today was the seventh day. If all went according to plan, the envoys would reach the Royal Capital today." [Ch.2 Part 2]
  • "The cloudy weather of the past few days had cleared up, like it had all been a joke, and the sky was the very picture of spring." [Ch.2 Part 2]
  • "Though it [the Sorcerous Kingdom] had declared its own sovereignty for several months now, [...]" [Ch.2 Part 2]

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Kingdom 9th Day

  • Shedule stated a visit to the theaters in the day to watch the dances
  • The Palace invited numerous nobles to a dinner party to present the envoy Albedo
  • Philips invites Albedo to a private ball
    •  "he invited Albedo to a ball which would take place a couple of days later." [Ch.2 Part 3]

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Kingdom 10th Day

  • Shedule stated a concert by the Palace's orchestra and afterwards the begin the diplomatic negotiations

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Kingdom 11th Day

  • Albedo visited Renner in private to reward her with a sealed box that would grant an status equivalent to that of an Area Guardian after opened
  • "It had been several months since the war with the Sorcerous Kingdom," [Ch.2 Part 4]
  • Philip gave a ball sponsored by Hilma to present Albedo before "promising" nobles
  • The Eight Fingers recieved Albedo and she gave new orders to transfer resources to the Sorcerer Kingdom
  • I'm not so sure when excatly Hilma's ball and the visit to Renner took place. Could be that on morning/midday Albedo visited Renner and at afternoon/night she visited Hilma's ball and Eight Fingers. But it could also have taken several days. It's not clear

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Empire 13th Day

  • Ainz came with Ainzach to Arwintar to secure an appointment with promoter of the Martial Lord of the Imperial Arena for the next day
    • "As you have desired, the appointment has been made to meet at ten in the morning tomorrow, Your Majesty." [Ch.3 Part 3]
  • Meet Fluder afterwards and gave him The Book of the Dead to study
  • "He had already incorporated the Adventurer's Guild as a national organization." [Ch.3 Part 3]
  • "Albedo was visiting the Kingdom" [Ch.3 Part 3]

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Empire 14th Day

  • Ainz and Ainzach meet with Osk to negotiate a fight with the Martial Lord and sees there a dwarven sword with runes
  • "I’ll officially announce a challenger to the Martial Lord after today’s events." [Ch.3 Part 3]
    • did not say when the fight will be

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Empire 15th Day

  • Ainz had a match with the Martial Lord and promoted his new Adventurer Guild in the Sorcerous Kingdom
  • Jircniv meet with the emissaries of the Slane Theocracy which resulted in a failure after Ainz "greeted" him and in the end pleaded for the vassalation of the Empire
  • "Two weeks later, a coach with Jircniv on board left for the arena." [Ch.3 Part 2]

The Craftsman of Dwarf: 1st Day

  • Ainz decides to visit the Dwarf Kingdom with Aura and Shalltear as bodyguards
    • Could be as early as the Following day after returning from the Empire. And how Ainz talked about the runes again, it's quite possible
  • 13:46: audience for Kyuku Zuzu about the status of the Lizardman village and talk about Zaryusu's new born child as well as the dwarves
  • until around 16:00: meet Ainzach and Fluder to ask about the dwarves
  • Explained afterwards to Aura and Shalltear his travel plans
    • Two hours after meeting the Lizardman, Ainz sighed quietly within his room. [Ch.1 Part 2]
    • "I’ll contact Cocytus while waiting for everyone to gather. Right, I should finish up first. Once everyone is assembled, the two of you will travel to the Lizardman village through Shalltear’s 「Gate」. After that, we’ll head north to find the Dwarven Kingdom. What do you think?" [Ch.1 Part 2]
    • "Then, let’s get to work on our own accounts. I’ll give you two hours to select your personnel." [Ch.1 Part 2]
  • around 18:00: meeting with Zenberu at the Lizardman village to be the guide to the Dwarf Kingdom
    • "Then, I shall appoint Zenberu as my guide, and we shall prepare to set out according to what he has told me. Aura and Shalltear will arrive soon with their followers in tow, so you should get yourself ready too." [Ch.1 Part 3]
  • travelled until nightfall and rested in the created Fortress

The Craftsman of Dwarf: 2nd Day

  • Travelled without finding anything

The Craftsman of Dwarf: Travel 3rd Day

  • Zenberu found the abonded dwarven city Feo Raizo
  • Ainz encouters Gondo and offered to be his patron on reviving runecraft
  • Learned that the Quagoa plan to attack Feo Jera after Shalltear captured and introgigated the detached unit that invaded Feo Raizo

The Craftsman of Dwarf: 4th Day

  • After the seizure the suspension bridge over the Great Rift and the fort, the Quagoa attack came to momentarily halted at the the dwarven fortress gates
  • Ainz reached Feo Jera and offered military assitance against the Quagoa
    •  "In less than a day, they had reached the sole remaining Dwarven city, Feo Jera." [Ch.3 Part 2]
  • Ainz negotiated with the Regency Council of the Dwarf Kingdom after his Death Knight pushed back the Quagoa invasion
  • In exchange for the runesmiths Ainz will recapture the dwarven capital from the Quagoa and Frost Dragons

The Craftsman of Dwarf: 5th Day

  • Gondo guides Ainz to Feo Berkana in seach of lost secrets of runecraft in the Royal Treasury
    • "It was the next morning. Ainz had decided to set out early to take back the former Dwarven Capital" [Ch.5 Part 1]
  • Hejinmal submitted to Ainz, and after he kills the White Dragon Lord (and one other) all remaining 17 Frost Dragons follow suit
  • Shalltear and Aura genocide the Quagoa and the remaining 10'000 sweared fealty to Ainz
  • The Forgemaster disappeared with the entrusted ingot which was intended for the to be made armor of Zaryusu
    • "However, the next day, he learned that the Forgemaster had disappeared with the ingot." [Ch.5 Part 1]
      • stated after the Cabinet Secretary visited him on the 4th day
    • "The Forgemaster had fled the country with the metal ingot which the Sorcerer King had entrusted to him." [Ch.5 Part 5]

The Craftsman of Dwarf: 6th Day

  • Ainz triumphantly retuned to Feo Jera and requested a grand farwell party for the runesmiths
    • excuse to stay for a little longer and to let Albedo and Demiurge handle the request of vassalage from the Empire
    • "Then please allow my nation to handle the matter of catering. Preparing for these will take some time, so I hope you won’t mind my staying here for a while." [Ch.5 Part 5]

The Ruler of Conspiracy: Epilogue

  • Demiurge meet with Albedo in Nazarick to report back to Ainz, only to find out that Ainz vassalized the Empire and left in search for the Dwarven Kingdom
  • Ainz was only 3 days in the Empire
    • "I was in the Kingdom, so I am not sure, but I think it was three days at the most."(Albedo) [Vol.10 Epilogue]
  • Albedo needed 7 days back to E-Rantel again?
  • the papers for an offer of vassalage from the Empire came the day before
    • "This came from the Empire yesterday." [Epilogue]
    • only the offer, details are still to be finalized

The Craftsman of Dwarf: ?? Day

  • Hold a farwell ceremony for the runesmiths and publicy annouced that they will work in the Sorcerous Kingdom
  • On the party Demiurge arrived as messanger and informed Ainz about vassalation of the Empire and the current state of future plans
  • "It will begin in the fall, but I shall have to trouble you in the winter, Ainz-sama." [Ch.5 Part 5]
    • about the operation in the Holy Kingdom?

New World 3rd Year

New World Spring Season

The Craftsman of Dwarf: Epilogue

  • The Dwarves settled down in Carne to invent
  • "They [the dwarves] had come in the summer, and during the course of fall and winter, they had become close friends." [Vol.11 Epilogue]
  • Nfirea & Enri are married
    • "but her husband of half a year" [Vol.11 Epilogue]
  • "It had been two years since the incident where they had lost both their parents." [Vol.11 Epilogue]
  • Signs for it being around beginning of spring / end of winter
    • "The air outside was very cold," [Vol.11 Epilogue]
    • repeatly said that it is cold
    • Enri is happily surpried that it will be sunny all day long


  • With carriage a one-way trip from Carne to E-Rantel (or vis a vi) takes approximately from dawn til dusk.
  • With flight magic it takes at least 8h for a one-way trip from E-Rantel to Re-Estize.
  • On horseback it takes 1 whole day for a one-way trip from E-Rantel to Re-Estize [RAW Vol.6 pg.242]. So the distance could be as far as 200 miles, under the assumption of speed-riding with supportive magic. (The average first-place time is ~14h for the Tevis Cup. See also endurance riding on Wikipedia. The maximum would be probably 300 miles if a horse raced in gallopp 24h with 30mil/h and without rest (what only would be possible with exceeding use of magic).