True Vampire
Overlord Episode 10
Monster Information
Japanese 真祖
Romaji Shinso
Type Undead Vampire
  • Heteromorphic Race
  • Vampire
Debut Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 3
Anime Overlord Episode 10

True Vampires (真祖) are a powerful vampires originating from YGGDRASIL.

Appearance Edit

True Vampires are hideous creatures that are more repulsive looking than normal vampires. They have gaping jaws that stretch wide enough to form a semicircle, canines that reach past their chin, and crimson eyes glint with the color of blood. Their feet and hands are equipped with razor sharp claws that are over a dozen centimeters long.

Abilities Edit

True Vampires are vicious and use their monstrous proportions to their advantage. Using their lamprey-like mouths, they are capable of sucking a human of its blood dry within minutes until it becomes a mummified corpse. Possessing speed even beyond that of normal vampires, escape from a True Vampire is near impossible. They are capable of creating lesser vampires that has the intelligence that rivals a normal human being.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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