True Vampires (真祖) are powerful vampires originating from YGGDRASIL.

Appearance Edit

True Vampires are hideous creatures that are more repulsive looking than normal vampires. They have gaping jaws that stretch wide enough to form a semicircle, canines that reach past their chin, and crimson eyes glint with the color of blood. Their feet and hands are equipped with razor sharp claws that are over a dozen centimeters long.

Abilities Edit

True Vampires are vicious and use their monstrous proportions to their advantage. Using their lamprey-like mouths, they are capable of sucking a human of its blood dry within minutes until it becomes a mummified corpse. Possessing speed even beyond that of normal vampires, escape from a True Vampire is near impossible. They are capable of creating lesser vampires that has the intelligence that rivals a normal human being.

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