Toadmen (トードマン) are a race of demi-humans that inhabit the northeastern side of the Great Lake.

Background Edit

A generation ago, there was a large scale war between the migrating lizardmen tribes and the native Toadmen tribes. The war ended with the complete defeat of the lizardmen tribes and victory to the Toadmen. Since then, relations between the two demi-humans races have been sour.  

Appearance Edit

Toadman are supposedly humanoid toads.

Abilities Edit

According to a certain human, Toadmen are not particularly outstanding demi-humans. However, old tribe leader-class Toadman can use special abilities to confuse the foe.

Culture Edit

According to Shasuryu Shasha, Toadmen are more technologically advanced than their reptilian neighbors. Due to living in the deeper region of the Great Lake, where larger creatures dwell, Toadmen have adapted to taming and domesticating these beasts in their society, explaining how they defeated the lizardmen in the past.

Trivia Edit

  • Demiurge’s Imp form closely resembles that of a Toadman.
  • In Volume 8, Cocytus journeyed to the northern part of the lake to conquer the Toadmen. 
  • Mare believes that Toadmen might actually be Tuveg, a species of poisonous toads that once lived in the swamps of Helheim, one of the nine realms of YGGDRASIL.
  • Jircniv speculate that Demiurge must have been a Toadman or a sub-specie related to it.
  • In Volume 11, Toadmen of the Great Lake were already conquered.
  • It seems that some of the Toadmen (presumably from the Great Lake) are living in the Sorcerer Kingdom.

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