• Anyone know what the Arcology is? It is mentioned several times as a place from the real world, but what is it? Where is it? Anyone have any thoughts or maybe caught something I missed explaining this?

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    • Arcology is an architectural concept introduced by Paolo Soleri (1919-2013). Basically, an arcology is a giant building wich house a self-sustaining community inside.  Is like... imagine a building which works like a city.

      The concept was born from a combination of architerture with ecology as a concept.

      If you are interested, you can google Arcosanti, an "urban laboratory" which focus in the arcology concept design of Paolo Soleri.

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    • If you want a movie referrence as example then just take a look at "Dredd (2012)." The setting for movie is basically a mega skyscapper in a mega city that houses a population equivalent to a standard city.

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    • So in regards to how it plays into the untold backstory in the real world, it is likely that MCs home, and his real body, are located in a realized version of this conceptual self sustaining building, or mega skyscraper.

      Thanks for the info. Guess I didn't miss anything in the novels, but the outside info helps answer the question.

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    • Don't know if Satori is in one...he seems to deal with a whole lot of pollution commuting home from work...but we know that World War Three involved conflicts between different European Arccologies. I always pictured something like one of those huge North American malls, only with slightly more employee residences, on site, maybe crossed with an attempt at a biodome (current large buildings have much more environmental regulation than anyone thinks)--think "never go outside again, your entire town is in one closed terriaum."

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