Squire Zombie (スクワイア・ゾンビ) is a type of zombie indirectly created by a Death Knight.

Appearance Edit

Squire Zombies retain their appearance from before their deaths with the decomposition of zombies.

Abilities Edit

Possessing the same standard powers as normal zombies, this variant known as Squire Zombie is produced from the lethal blow of a Death Knight. In YGGDRASIL, when a Death Knight kills its target, it would become a Squire Zombie. People killed by a Squire Zombie will immediately be revived as a normal zombie at the place they were killed.

Trivia Edit

  • If one died through the sword of a Death Knight, one would become its minion for eternity.
  • Unlike normal zombies, a Squire Zombie can live even if they were killed by decapitation.

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