Soul Eaters (ソウルイーター) are legendary undead monsters that were summoned by Ainz Ooal Gown for his war against the Re-Estize Kingdom. They appeared on the battlefield in the Katze Plains.


Soul Eaters are skeletal horses with an aura that shines a light in their chest.


In the New World, it was stated that three Soul Eaters alone once appeared in a beastman city, killing over one hundred thousand beastmen. To the countries, Maruyama stated that their presence alone is enough to cause a national state level emergency.

Without at least a 3rd-tier magic caster, even facing them was next to impossible. But at the same time, only someone or group of the heroic level can do anything, so its a crisis for all the surrounding nations.


Soul Eaters has long-range attack skills with many uses. They can receive a temporary power up buff for killing its target through the skill, making it hard to defeat. In other words, Soul Eaters are the kind of undead with an area-affecting abilities. They could consume the souls of the deceased for sustenance and grew stronger the more souls they ate. They radiated an aura of fear.


  • Just like the Death Knight, they are legendary undead in the New World.
  • Five hundred of Soul Eaters were used as mounts for Death Knights and Death Warriors during the annual war between the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire.
  • On the adventurer rating system, Soul Eaters have a difficulty rating estimated at 100 to 150. This would make them equivalent to a level 33 to 50 monster in YGGDRASIL.


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