Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers Edit

Solution's class build is concentrated on her racial levels. Her body is said to be empty inside, and Solution can decide to protect or dissolve things she has absorbed. She can also control the speed of digestion.

As a slime, she does not take damage from normal physical attacks. Thus, she was adept at dealing with the likes of physical attacks as well as possessing an especially strong resistance to piercing or slashing attacks.

In a way, punching her is just like punching a bag filled with water. If one were to stab her with an edged tool, then she will simply just absorb the edge and digest it. However, bludgeoning attacks could actually hurt Solution unlike slashing or piercing attacks.

Being a rogue class-based character with assassin and poison maker classes, Solution is specialized in detecting traps, pursuit, scouting and the use of poison in combat. She can bypass the job restrictions of scrolls through an unidentified set of thief skills and can inject personally produced poison by transforming her finger into a syringe-shaped tube.

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  • Physical Attack Immunity

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  • She is capable of storing large amounts of things in her body such as items, weapons, or even several humans.

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