Small Fang (スモール・ファング) is one of the five lizardmen tribes that live in the vicinity of the Great Lake.

Background Edit

In the past, Small Fang participated in the resource war of the Wetlands. The tribe was part of an alliance of three lizardmen tribes: Green Claw, Razor Tail and itself. This alliance faced off against an opposing alliance composed of Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge. Led by Green Claw, the thee tribe alliance emerged victorious, and with victory it brought peace to the Wetlands. After the war Small Fang still remained allies with the other two tribes.

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The Lizard Man Heroes Arc Edit

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Small Fang joins the war against the undead army, devoting its entire warrior caste to scout ahead and report the enemy movements. As before in the resource war, they submit to the leadership of Green Claw to plan and lead the attack.

Strength Edit

Unlike the brute strength of the other tribes, Small Fang seems to favor reconnaissance and long range attacks.

  • 65 warriors
  • 1 druid
  • 16 hunters
  • 111 male lizardmen
  • 94 female lizardmen

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