Slimes are a type of semi-liquid monsters.

Background Edit

Slimes are heteromorphic creatures that are as diverse as humans. Not only in color, but also in specialty.

Appearance Edit

Slimes resemble gelatinous oozes coming in various colors.

Abilities Edit

Powers and abilities varies between different variants, but common abilities include being that their half-transparent bodies are flexible, and can change into various forms. Slimes do not perceive the world like humans do, instead they use a sort of motion detection sense to learn about their surroundings in place of ordinary vision.

List of Slimes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In YGGDRASIL, when Slimes equipped magic items with the exception of hand-held items, they were not shown on their exterior, but within their bodies.
  • In terms of offensive power, Slime-type monsters have low strength.
  • In the New World, some kind of Slimes lives on the sewers of cities like E-Rantel, on an apparent symbiosis with the inhabitants.

Gallery Edit

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