Skeletons (スケルトン) are a type of undead beings that are effectively walking-moving bones.

Background Edit

Skeletons are undead summons brought forth by necromancers to serve them. Thus, there exists several variant types among their ranks, depending on how much power the Magic Caster invested in summoning.

Appearance Edit

Skeletons are magical reanimated bones of dead humans. They wear little or no armor, and typically wield low-level weapons, like a simple sword and a shield.

Abilities Edit

Skeletons possess an immunity to cold damage attacks and piercing weapons. Skeletons prove to be relentless combatants, fighting without seemingly suffer from neither pain or exhaustion.

Trivia Edit

  • Guu and his troll minions made the assumption that Ainz was a skeleton. Ainz found it to be a rude association, as he was an Overlord, a distinct upper level undead.
  • Eight Fingers has a workforce of skeletons, on loan from the Sorcerer Kingdom, working in its mines.
  • In the Web Novel, Skeletons were estimated to be below level 1.

Gallery Edit

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