Skeletal Dragon (スケリトル・ドラゴン) is a powerful undead being that mimics the shape of a dragon and is capable of destroying a city.


The Skeletal Dragon is composed of countless human bones with an overall height up to three meters tall. Formed from bones with a rib cage devoid of organs nor flesh, the Skeletal Dragon appears light despite its large frame. Its head contains four hollow eye sockets, each with a crimson glow. The jaw of the skull is lined with sharp teeth along with a pair of bat-like wings attached to its shoulders and four limbs.


Aside from its massive strength, the Skeletal Dragon's specialty relies on its unique ability that nullifies any magic that ranges up to 6th tier. Therefore, this dragon's ability makes it the worst opponent for some magic casters. In particular, the low-level magic casters who used spells lower than the 7th tier are the ones helpless against it.


  • In the Web Novel, the Skeletal Dragon's difficulty rank is at 48.
  • Skeletal Dragons are apparently, common around at the Katze Plains.
  • Narberal Gamma destroyed two Skeletal Dragons created by Khajiit with 7th tier lightning spells.
  • The strongest magic caster in the New World could only cast spells up to the 6th tier, making everyone think that the Skeletal Dragon has an absolute resistance against magic.


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