Six Great Gods (六大神) were legendary figures in the New World who appeared six hundred years ago. They are worshiped by the people of Slane Theocracy.

Background Edit

Six hundred years earlier, the Six Great Gods were transported into the New World. Back then, some inhabitants of the New World worshiped them as gods in awe of their great power. They appeared before the rule of the Eight Greed Kings and could be among the first players from YGGDRASIL. At the same time, Tier Magic was also introduced to the New World natives by them, which resulted in the corrosion of Wild Magic and its users.

While they may no longer exist in the present day, their legacy still exists through the country they founded, Slane Theocracy and their descendants, who are regarded as demi-gods. Among the Six Great Gods, Surshana was the only player left who managed to stay alive when the rest of his companions passed away. As Surshana was the last god in the Slane Theocracy to die, he was actually killed by the Eight Greed Kings who came to the New World 100 years later after his group's arrival.

Chronology Edit

The Undead King Arc Edit

Main article: The Undead King Arc

In the New World, there were three magical items that were unimaginably powerful. One of these were the keystones of the Slane Theocracy, the artifacts left behind from when the Six Great Gods descended upon the New World 600 years ago.

Strength Edit

Six Great Gods owned a World Item called the Downfall of Castle and Country, an item that can mind control even those with absolute mental resistances. The strongest among the Six Great Gods is Surshana, the God of Death. It would seem they also had a large variety of items at their disposal as many of their equipment are now being used by the Black Scripture or other Sects like the sealing crystal.

Known Members Edit

Unknown Name Edit

  • Element: Fire
  • Color: Red

Unknown Name Edit

  • Element: Water
  • Color: Blue

Unknown Name Edit

  • Element: Wind
  • Color: Green

Unknown Name Edit

  • Element: Earth
  • Color: Brown

Alah Alaf Edit

  • The God of Life
  • Element: Light
  • Color: White

Surshana Edit

  • The God of Death
  • Element: Darkness
  • Color: Black

Trivia Edit

  • The Six Great Gods are likely the first group of YGGDRASIL players to be transported to the New World before the Eight Greed Kings and the two players of the Thirteen Heroes.
  • Apparently, there's a group called the Four Great Gods that are worshiped in the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire. It's possible that they are excluding two, due to the similar job titles they possess.
  • The adamantite class adventurer groups Red Drop, Blue Rose and Darkness of Re-Estize Kingdom are named after the associated colors of the Six Great Gods.
  • Ainz didn't rule out the possibility that the Six Great Gods may have been players who arrived in this world 600 years earlier in comparison to him presently.
  • In the Web Novel, it was hinted that the Evil Deities were once servants of the Six Great Gods.
  • According to Maruyama, "Godly Equipment" should refer to the Six Great Gods' items in general, but "Sacred Regalia" should be used for their personal weapons.
  • In the Web Novel, it was stated that if only one of the Six Great Gods were to return, it will cause the balance of power being shifted from within the Slane Theocracy, and might possibly incite civil war.

Gallery Edit

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