Silent City is the name of a dead city located in the Beastmen Nations.

Background Edit

According to tales told by the neighboring kingdoms, there once was a city located in the Beastman Country. It was destroyed not by war, disease or any other natural disaster, but by three legendary undead monsters that suddenly appeared in the city. These undead monsters are known as Soul Eaters. These undead beasts devastated the entire city and ninety-five percent of the people who lived there, over one hundred thousand people were killed. After the onslaught, it was abandoned and entered into legend as the "Silent City”.

Chronology Edit

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc Edit

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Boris Axelson told about the tale of the Silent City to Marquis Raeven and Gazef Stronoff. That the city was destroyed by three Soul Eaters in the Beastman Country.

Legacy Edit

The tale of the Silent City is regarded as work of fiction. But it served as a precursory warning to Marquis Raeven to signal the Kingdom's Army to retreat, when he recognized the beasts that Ainz Ooal Gown had summoned for his army's mounts.

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