Shadow of Yggdrasil is Mare Bello Fiore's personal weapon.

Description Edit

Shadow of Yggdrasil is a Divine Class item.

Appearance Edit

Despite being a Divine Class item, Shadow of Yggdrasil resembles a simple, unpolished staff made of gnarled black wood. Given its name, it can be presumed that it's a magical branch taken from the World Tree YGGDRASIL, "Shadow" referring to the dark color of its wood.

Abilities Edit

Though there are vague descriptions on this weapon's ability, Mare uses Shadow of YGGDRASIL to focus and channel his druid magic. Combined with his extreme strength, his staff can crush a human skull with ease.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, the name of this weapon is either a reference to YGGDRASIL, a popular DMMO-RPG or it being based on the World Tree.

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