Safarlisia is a holy sword of the Roble Holy Kingdom

Description Edit

Safarlisia was one of the four holy swords which existed as a counterpart to Swords of Darkness used by the Dark Knight. It was stated that this weapon was made from a mysterious metal which is harder than adamantite.

Appearance Edit

Safarlisia is a holy sword is capable of emitting divine power on its own.

Abilities Edit

Safarlisia is a holy sword known to produce a limited amount of holy magic. It is also capable of inflicting grievous wounds to those with evil alignment to a great extent.

Trivia Edit

  • Among the Four Holy Swords, Safarlisia blade is regarded as a sacred blade.
  • Let alone Safarlisia, there are three other holy swords: the sword of law, the sword of justice, and the sword of life.

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