Razor Tail (レイザー・テール) is one of the five lizardmen tribes that lives in the vicinity of the Great Lake.

Background Edit

Overlord II EP03 038

Razor tail Village

In the past, Razor Tail participated in the resource war of the Wetlands. The tribe was part of an alliance of three lizardmen tribes: Green Claw, Small Fang and itself. This alliance faced off against an opposing alliance composed of Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge. Led by Green Claw, the thee tribe alliance emerged victorious, and with victory it brought peace to the Wetlands. After the war Razor Tail still remained allies with the other two tribes.

Unlike the other lizardmen tribes, Razor Tail does not chose its chieftain through a test of strength. Instead it is a test of wisdom, possibly to find a competent wielder of the White Dragon Bone Armor.

Chronology Edit

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc Edit

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Razor Tail was the first lizardmen tribe to receive the declaration of war from Iguva=41. Seeing the threat too serious to ignore and the possibility of being annihilated first, Razor Tail eagerly joined forces with their old allies, Green Claw and Small Fang to counter the undead army.

Strength Edit

Razor Tail seems to specialize in using heavy armor. The tribe seems fairly equal in numbers to their allies Green Claw. Below is the composition of the tribe:

  • 89 heavy armor warriors
  • 3 druids
  • 6 hunters
  • 99 male lizardmen
  • 81 female lizardmen

Known Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Razor Tail was the first of the tribes to be warned of the impending lizardmen annihilation.