Faction Information
Romaji Niji
Leader Moknach
Type Adventurer Group
Allegiance Adventurer's Guild
Headquarters E-Rantel
Status Active
Debut Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 3
Anime Overlord Episode 11

Rainbow (虹) is a mythril class adventurer group of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc Edit

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Kralgra, Sky Wolf, Rainbow and Darkness are summoned as mythril class adventurer groups of E-Rantel, to discuss the appearance of the powerful vampire, Honyopenyoko. Momon insists that the Darkness will fight against Honyopenyoko alone, arguing that involving others in the fight will simply increase the number of victims. Sky Wolf and Rainbow accept his suggestion.

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc Edit

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Rainbow was one of the few adventurer groups that remained behind in E-Rantel after the city was annexed by the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Strength Edit

Known Members Edit

Trivia Edit

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