Pure Pure Pleiades

Pure Pure Pleiades (ぷれぷれぷれあです, Pure Pure Pureadesu) is an anime spin-off of the Overlord series. Each episode is three minutes long and there are a total of eight episode.

Plot Edit

Ainz accidentally uses the magic item Total Maniac on himself. The effects of the item restored his emotions and left him in a bewildered state. He tries to pretend that everything is fine. But then the battle maids, the Pleiades, have arrived before him and await to receive their next orders, buuut...!

Episode List Edit

Play 1 - Overlord and Beginning Edit

Ainz accidentally used Total Maniac on himself and panicked after regaining his emotions. Even looking at himself scares him. As he is panicking, Albedo breaks into his room, thinking he is in trouble as he did not reply her earlier, which he then gave an excuse that he was thinking about the situation in the upper floors. As he stared at her, he accidentally commented on how beautiful Albedo really is, causing Albedo to become momentarily stunned and become excitedly love struck the next moment.

Play 2 - Battle Maids Edit

Albedo explained to Ainz that the Pleiades are requesting an audience with him. Ainz initially approved of it but when he was just about to refuse by saying he doesn't feel well, Albedo immediately left the room and called the Battle Maids. When the Pleiades arrived, he ordered them to converse to him normally so they won't notice that he is panicking, which the Pleiades agreed, although each of them have their own unique way of doing so.

Play 3 - Cutting Through the Lies with Fists Edit

As Narberal was training in the Amphitheater of the 6th Floor, Ainz came and complimented her. Ainz successfully convinced her that he had a reason for ordering them to converse normally with him, making him dance happily. As Narberal asked what he is doing, he made an excuse that his dance is a new magical pose that only he knows of and that pose allows him to cast magic faster, reducing the casting time. Fascinated, Narberal asked him to teach her the magic pose, which Ainz had no choice but to agree. As the two of them danced, the other Pleiades arrived and joined the dance. After that, they thought that they had matured more thanks to Ainz teachings, which caused Ainz to feel even more guilt and ashamed for covering his lies with more lies.

Play 4 - Two Victims Edit

As Ainz thought about how each members of the Pleiades had unique personalities and were cute, he accidentally shouted "Game is the best" without realising it. He then thought about how in video games, you can make your ideal girl easily. Then, he saw a blotted Solution Epsilon and asked what happened. Entoma explained that Solution had swallowed a human whole and is currently torturing it with acid. Frightened because of the fact that Solution is dissolving a human inside her, Ainz ordered her to return to her original form and she spit the half acidified human out, returning back to her slim figure. In order to clean up the mess on the carpet, Entoma carried the human away from sight and ate him alive, making Ainz even more frightened.

Play 5 - A Predator's Heart Edit

Ainz confirmed the race and classes of the Pleiades members (Yuri almost took off her collar and let her head fall off in the process). He then asked how the Pleiades didn't show much expression, which Yuri replied that they are still nowhere near Ainz's level. While Lupusregina, CZ and Narberal spoke of how Yuri can emit a scary aura sometimes, Ainz stared at Entoma and comments on how good she is at making poker faces, which Solution explained that her face is a mimic. Curious of what were the other faces she would make, Ainz ordered her to show it, which she responded by removing her mask, showing her real face to Ainz, making Ainz scream.

Play 6 - Battle Outside of Carne Village Edit

Ainz asked for the purpose of the Pleiades seeking an audience with him. Yuri explained that Lupusregina wanted to report to him on her mission in Carne Village and would like to use this chance to greet him. Yuri also commented on how Lupusregina didn't seem to understand her mission, which Lupusregina responded that she knows this and that about Carne Village, including their "Night Activities", making Albedo excited for a moment. Ainz asked for Albedo's opinion on the matter, to which Albedo responded that she is an honest child. At that comment, CZ makes a skeptical response while Solution and Entoma make a sarcastic comment. Narberal also commented that her cheerful girl image is fake. Yuri told them to behave and Ainz decided to trust Albedo's judgement. Lupusregina then added some sex jokes while saying she will work hard, causing Ainz to laugh. Albedo got jealous that Lupusregina made Ainz laugh and their conversation soon escalated to a boasting competition about who can eat the biggest amount of food.

Play 7 - Before the CannonEdit

Ainz was thinking about CZ's character and wishes to strengthen his relationship with her. When he entered the Laboratory, he found out that CZ has been modified into CZ2128 Δ MK-II by Solution and Entoma (making her look like a tank). They explained that they are strengthening CZ by modifying her. While CZ had no objections, Ainz still disagrees. Solution and Entoma further explained CZ's new feature like her Drill and the button in her back that breaks her character. Then Yuri, Lupusregina and Narberal entered the room and as Ainz was explaining how Solution and Entoma are going overboard, Solution and Entoma further modified CZ, this time they made her look like Gundam that can also fly. While Lupusregina and Narberal said she looks cool and beautiful, Yuri, despite having the same opinion, thinks it is not good to defile the form created by the Supreme Beings and ordered them to restore CZ to her original form after they're done playing, to which they agreed. But before that, they wanted to proceed to the final modification that would give her the ability to separate and combine her body parts, which according to CZ, is the dream of all girls, to which Ainz disagrees. Yuri didn't permit them doing so because removing her head is her own special feature.

Play 8 - Control and Chaos Edit

The effects of the Total Maniac wore off and Ainz calmed down. He wanted to test if his emotions still linger or not by staring at Albedo's chest, which makes Albedo urged him to fondle her breasts, which he refused. He realized he wasn't nervous at all. Then he ordered Albedo and the Pleiades to return to the Master-Servant relationship with him. Later, as he is gathering of all the Total Maniac in his item storage and tried to read the Instruction Manual in order to avoid future accudents, Albedo once again knocked at his door telling the Pleiades is requesting an audience with him again to present their suggestions, which he approved. But as the Pleiades entered the room, the secret conditions to unleash the true power of Total Maniac is activated, causing confusion to everyone present. Ainz panicked once again, Narberal wore bunny ears and danced, Solution becomes fat again, Entoma is flying with a swarm of insects, CZ turns upside down, Lupusregina becomes a proper lady, Yuri Alpha throw her head like a bowling ball, and Albedo clings into Ainz. The effects wore off after an hour.

Trivia Edit

  • Albedo proposed the title of the show to be "Ai Ai Ainz-sama" (Love Love Ainz-sama).
  • Ainz said whatever he is thinking out loud a lot.
  • Solution's body shape didn't change even if she swallowed a human whole in the LN and the anime, while in this spin-off, she became bloated.

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