Parpatra Ogrion
Personal Information
Japanese パルパトラ・オグリオン
Romaji Parupatora Ogurion
  • Green Leaf
  • Origin
Age Around 80
Gender Male
Affiliation Green Leaf
Residence Baharuth Empire
Media Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 7

Parpatra "Green Leaf" Ogrion (パルパトラ・グリーンリーフ・オグリオン) was a veteran worker and the leader of Green Leaf. He and his group volunteered to explore and investigate the mysterious Large Tomb.

Appearance Edit

Parpatra was an old man who uses a spear made from the tusk of a green dragon he and his fellows have slain.

Personality Edit

Usually, Parpatra behaves like a good-tempered senior, however, his true nature was quite discreet. He would rather take damage than take unknown risks, to keep him and his comrades safe.

Background Edit

A long time ago, Parpatra was an Orichalcum ranked adventurer. He came into conflict with the adventurer's guild master of that time, and had smashed him in the face, leading him to become a worker instead. During his long career as a worker, Parpatra earned a great deal of money, allowing him to purchase equipment better than that of most Adamantite ranked adventurers.

Chronology Edit

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc Edit

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

After the exploration of the affiliated tombs was finished, Parpatra volunteered to scout the surface one more time. His real intention was to use the other groups like canaries in a coal mine, yet Pleiades appeared and made him and his group fight against eight Nazarick Old Guarders. Though he fought against three Nazarick Old Guarders on his own, the other members were each killed one by one, and eventually he too was slain.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Though he became weaker with age, Parpatra is still a veteran warrior. He is famous for developing new, effective martial arts.

  • Dragon Fang Thrust
  • Gale Acceleration
  • Piercing Dragon Tusk (竜牙穿): Double piercing attack with elemental type damage. Developed from a martial arts, "Piercing Strike (穿撃)". As it is useful in both offense and defense, many warriors learned this martial arts.
    • Piercing Blue Dragon Tusk: Add lightning-type damage.
    • Piercing White Dragon Tusk: Add ice-type damage.

Relationships Edit

Green Leaf Edit

Parpatra is the leader of Green Leaf. His teammates trusted in his decisions because he had never lost a single comrade. Even so, they still had some lingering regrets when Parpatra volunteered to scout the surface of the tomb one more time because they thought that they might be missing out an opportunity to search rare loot in the tomb.

Momon Edit

Parpatra and Momon sparred with each other, testing their abilities. The duel impressed Parpatra enough to recognize Momon as one worthy of being an Adamantite ranked.

Hekkeran Termite Edit

Parpatra seemed to be on friendly terms with the fellow worker.

Gringham Edit

Parpatra seemed to be on friendly terms with the fellow worker.

Erya Uzruth Edit

Parpatra was not fond of Erya's attitude, but accepted that he had the skills to back up his mouth.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Web Novel, Parpatra's epithet is called the Impregnable and his age is in his mid-20s.

Quotes Edit

Gallery Edit

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