The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom is the thirteenth light novel volume in the Overlord series. It was released on April 27, 2018. It details about Ainz Ooal Gown's death when he faces against the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and his Demon Maids while as the Liberation Army struggles against the allied army of demi-humans that have surrounded them.

Main Summary

Ainz Ooal Gown dies. The Roble Holy Kingdom is surrounded by an allied army of 40,000 demi-humans. Commanded by Remedios Custodio who is the strongest paladin of the Holy Kingdom, the human army is too fatigued due to their defensive battle to keep the demi-humans from trampling them. In order to fulfill the promise he made as a king, the Sorcerer King Ainz stands alone against the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and the Demon Maidservants under his command. And then-

Can the flame-wreathed Holy Kingdom be saved? Volume 13 points the way toward justice.

Full Summary

Spoiler Warning: Plot from the light novel details follow

As the city of Loyts was surrounded by the Demi-Human Alliance, Vijar Rajandala waiting impatiently on why aren't they attacking the human city yet and went to ask Rokesh, the commander of the forty thousand demi-humans preparing to siege the city. Vijar accuses Rokesh that he was afraid that someone in the city stronger than Buser, who previously occupied the city. Rokesh waved off Vijar's claim and was followed by Nasrene Belt Cure's who mocked the latter. As the two demi-humans were about to continue their argument, it was stopped by Rokesh, warning them if they continue on disturbing the meeting, he would have no choice but to report it to Jaldabaoth. Hearing that the two back down. Rokesh tells the assembled leaders that he received orders from Jaldabaoth to give the humans a couple of days, so as to frighten them before beginning the siege. The meeting ends with everyone approving the plan.

Neia Baraja goes to Ainz's room to inform him about their situation. There's no major movement from the demi-human army on attacking the city, but the demi-humans are splitting their forces on both the eastern and western gates. She and the Liberation Army believes they're preparing for a siege, since the demi-humans aren't trying to starve them out and a small city held no importance to them. The Liberation Army hopes that they'll hold out the siege until reinforcements from the south arrive. Neia tells Ainz that he needs to conserve his mana to fight Jaldabaoth when he appeared. Ainz thinks that because of the stupidity of the Liberation Army's leadership, they cannot change their dire situation. He tells Neia to prioritize her safety and swear her allegiance to him. However, Neia tells Ainz that she's a citizen of the Holy Kingdom and saving the helpless, those in suffering is common sense which stuns him. After hearing what she said, Ainz decides to give Neia several items for her survival. She was about to refuses those valuable items giving to her, but Ainz tells her to go onto the battlefield with the determination to bring these items back to him, no matter the cost. Neia promises to him that she will return the items to him before leaving the room.

Somewhere in the city, inside the operations room, Remedios Custodio and three paladins study a force distribution chart. They realize that they need to counterattack the enemy hard during their first offensive. They plan to gather their forces at the east gate and crush the enemy there in one mighty blow before heading for the west gate. However, it was very likely that the west gate would be lost to the enemy's main force before they defeated the small detachment positioned at the east gate, and thus the city would fall. Gustav Montagnés arrives to inform his captain that the people of Loyts are anxious if the Sorcerer King will join the battlefield because he doesn't want to tells them that the undead isn't participating the battle and will plummet the people's morale since they see the undead as a hero and savior which agitates Remedios. In addition, it will threaten the Holy Queen's rule and making the Holy Kingdom as enclave to the Sorcerer King's nation which further agitates Remedios even more. So Gustav needs to delay answering the people about the Sorcerer King and focus on beating the demi-humans back, showing the world that the strength of the Holy Kingdom was still undiminished.

At the west gate of the city, Neia has been assigned at the left flank of the city wall. Remedios commanded the west gate while Gustav commanded the east gate. Caspond as nominal supreme commander at the center of the city. One of the militiaman approaches Neia and asks her about the Sorcerer King's participation. The paladin tries to stop the militiaman for asking her, but was denies by Neia, seeing that the paladin is trying to keep the people from asking about the Sorcerer King. She tells the militiaman that Ainz will not be taking part in the battle. Because this is their battle as citizens of the Holy Kingdom for fighting to save their nation, and His Majesty needs to conserve mana for when he faces Jaldabaoth. Many of the militiamen understand his reason for not participating the battle while few are unhappy that the Sorcerer King was not coming to help them. Neia arrives at her assigned post and intently studies the enemy encampment.

The siege of the city begins, Neia and the militiamen defend the city walls from the thirty thousand strong demi-humans besieging the city. The demi-humans are using human children as meat-shields so as the militiamen are hesitate on attacking the demi-humans holding hostages. Seeing this, Neia have to set an example to the militiamen and rendered down the demi-humans using human shields against them. Neia releases her arrow and pierced through a child in front them. She shouted at the militiamen to forget saving the hostages and throw a stone at them. The militiamen complied with her word and throw a stone at the demi-humans.

Despite of this, the demi-humans climbed and reached the city walls. Leading the besieging forces was Jajan of the Lagon Tribe and managed on taking the head of the human commander and orders his forces to kill them all. Neia shoots her arrow and managed to kill Jajan, but notice that the demi-humans are not targeting her. She hears one of the demi-humans to not approach her carelessly because the demi-humans discovers that she's wearing Buser's armor under the false impression that they were fighting the warrior who had defeated Buser. One of the demi-humans notices Neia's glaring eyes and realizes that she was the Mad-Eyed Archer, but Neia realizes that was his father that they referring to and they mistaken her as him. The militiamen tries to defend Neia from the demi-humans, but were overwhelmed. Being surrounded by demi-humans and scared to death, Neia Baraja was killed in battle.

Meanwhile in the west gate of the city, Remedios address the militiamen to defeat the demi-humans, save the innocent civilians from their suffering and retaking back their nation by their own hands. Remedios orders the militiamen to ready for defense formation as the west gates open the demi-humans charge at the liberation army's defenders. As Remedios leading the charge however, she was confronted by three demi-human leaders, Vijar Rajandala, Nasrene Belt Cure and Halisha Ankara. Remedios clashes with Vijar while her four subordinates face Nasrene and Halisha, but only for the four paladins being instantly killed by the two demi-humans. Seeing her fellow paladins being easily killed by the two demi-humans, Vijar was offended by her distraction and tells her to fight him seriously. Even after being hit by Vijar's attacks, Remedios move forward and uses her powerful attack, but was shocked that he's not evil-aligned despite being hurt by her holy sword. Since their aim is to wipe out the humans in the city as needed, Halisha count on Nasrene to attack the militiamen. Remedios tries to attack Naserene, but was blocked by Vijar. As Nasrene's attack spells almost reach the militiamen, Ainz intervenes and shielded them with Wall of Skeleton. The militiamen cheers for the Sorcerer King for saving them while Remedios was agitated for cheering the undead. She assumes that he was waiting until the paladins had died and plan to make an entrance in front of the people. She decides to leave things to the undead and led the militiamen to another battlefield.

As Remedios and the militiamen left, Ainz is frustrated by her action without showing gratitude for helping her. He thought they will fight together or politely leave them to him, but instead he was being treated rudely and dumping it all on to him. Annoyed by this, Ainz uses a death spell and instantly killed Vijar and Halisha with the exception of Nasrene. Seeing the demi-human had resisted by his death spell, Ainz takes cautious and let his opponent attack first, but only for demi-human's attack nullified and immediately killing her with Reality Slash.

Neia was resurrected by Ainz using True Resurrection, a ninth tier spell. He gives her a Purple Potion to heal herself. Then Ainz proceed on eliminating the demi-human trying to climb the city walls and sent some of his undead forces to the encampment. Neia finally understand what justice is and answers to Ainz that his Majesty is justice which stuns him. The paladins and militiamen arrive at the city walls as reinforcement, Ainz tells them to take Neia to safety and will handle the rest. As Ainz use attack spells on the demi-humans, he pondered that he made a huge mistake, he should have prioritized Neia Baraja over Remedios since the plan was to help Remedios and in debt her to him had been a complete failure. Ainz watches the fleeing demi-humans from the Soul Eaters and wonders if the Soul Eater consumed more souls and stay permanent.

After wiping out the demi-humans besieging the city, Ainz returned to his room. He contacts Demiurge to meet him in Nazarick and inform Albedo as well. Neia enters his room to express her gratitude towards Ainz on fulfilling her obligations as squire to him. Ainz informs Neia that he will return to his country for a while and asks Neia if anyone saw the power of the bow that he lent to her. Neia tells him that many people saw the amazing power of the bow although they're killed in battle which shocks Ainz, he fails again to promote the rune weapons. Also Neia tells Ainz that the people whom His Majesty saved also wish to express their gratitude towards him. Receiving their gratitude, Ainz tells Neia to inform them that he's glad to receive their gratitude. Neia then left to convey his message to them while Ainz returns back to Nazarick.

Prince Caspond, Remedios, Gustav and Ciriaco Naranjo are gathered for a meeting to discuss about the aftermath of the siege. They discuss about causalities of the Liberation Army and the reports about a mysterious undead beings that the Sorcerer King created that destroy the demi-human army. Caspond asks them on what to do if the Sorcerer King loses to Jaldabaoth. Remedios spoke up that they need to called Momon, but shut down the idea even if Momon defeated Jaldabaoth, discovery of the lie could trigger a war between their country and tells Remedios to stop thinking dangerous things that endangered their nation. As the discussion goes on, Caspond would like to thank the Sorcerer King's power and saving them from peril despite the paladins' effort. The agitated Remedios throws her helmet at the wall and glared at the Prince saying that was a victory paid for by the lives of the people of the Holy Kingdom and not the undead, who was only flying around and seeing it as a war game to him. Seeing Remedios' outburst, Caspond tells her to rest since she witness too many deaths has upset her. Before she could do that, she has been thinking that Jaldabaoth and the Sorcerer King are in league with each other, but Caspond dismiss it since he recall the Sorcerer King wanted the maid demons. Caspond orders Remedios to get some rest and visits the wounded.

After Remedios left, Gustav apologizes to Prince Caspond for his captain's actions. As he apologizes to Caspond, the prince continues to discuss on the matter of the succession since the North is exhausted while the South still has the ability to fight. It's very likely the great nobles from the South might end up becoming the Holy King. In addition, the Southern nobles will request them that Captain Custodio take responsibility for the whole affair and place her under house arrest since she failed to protect the Holy Queen, but in truth, they see Remedios as the enemy of southern nobles including the paladins she led since she was in the Holy Queen's faction. They need to start thinking about their plans from now on. They will continue to raid prison camps and driving out the enemy without having to draw on the strength of the South. All that matters is that the balance of power is preserved in the end.

Back in Nazarick, Ainz was greeted by Demiurge, Albedo and Lupusregina Beta. Ainz discuss with the two about introducing flaw into the plan. During the course of their activities in the Holy Kingdom, Ainz will cause problems as needed and Demiurge will amend the plan in response. Since the two guardians understood, Ainz is going to amend the part of the plan to spread the news of his death which cause Albedo to protest the idea while Demiurge calmly accept the idea. The two argue and glare each other. Ainz calms the two down and ask what would they do if he died.


  • Chapter 4: The Siege
  • Chapter 5: Ainz Dies
  • Intermission
  • Chapter 6: Gunner and Archer
  • Chapter 7: Savior of the Nation
  • Epilogue


  • Overlord Volume 13 has the longest amount of pages in Overlord light novel series to date.
  • Ainz's supposed death has already been foreshadowed in Overlord Volume 11's epilogue, where Lupusregina Beta told Enri Emmot that her master was defeated and killed in battle with Jaldabaoth.
  • This is the first volume to feature an updated character sheet.
  • The summoned Evil Lord Wrath and the Greater Doppelgänger of the Erich String Orchestra are playing the respective role of Jaldabaoth and his Demon Maids.


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