Overlord Episode 05
Two Adventurers
Overlord Episode 05
Episode Information
Japanese 二人の冒険者
Rōmaji Futari No Bōken-Sha
Original Air Date August 4, 2015
Adapted From Overlord Volume 02
Episode Theme Songs
Opening Theme Clattanoia
Closing Theme L.L.L.
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode Overlord Episode 04
Next Episode Overlord Episode 06

"Two Adventurers" (二人の冒険者 Futari No Bōken-Sha) is the fifth episode of Overlord anime adaptation. It was first broadcasted on August 4, 2015.


Albedo reports to Ainz about the current situation in Nazarick. After that, Shalltear Bloodfallen came and telling Ainz that she is leaving with Sebas Tian for her mission.

Ainz Ooal Gown and Narberal Gamma infiltrate the fortress city of E-Rantel and to learn more about this New World. They cause a trouble at the inn and compensate a potion to Brita. Momon discuss his plans with Nabe on becoming famous adventurer in this city and have to find a job. Brita visits the Bareare's workshop and found out it's a rare potion. Lizzie Bareare suggest to his grandson to search for this adventurer and find out who make this rare potion from.

In the Adventurer's Guild, Momon and Nabe attempt to find a job but the Swords of Darkness interrupted and offered Momon and Nabe a job for them. They discuss about the detail of their job. After the discussion, they meet Nfirea Bareare, who request Momon to be his escort to Carne Village. Nfirea discuss about the request but Momon suggest to Nfirea to take the Swords of Darkness as well which Nfirea agreed that they will come along as well for the journey. Meanwhile at the E-Rantel Communal Cemetery, Clementine visits Khajiit Dale Badantel and shows the Crown of Wisdom to him. She tells Khajiit that she will help him on his ritual which Khajiit accept her offered.

Major Events

Character Appearance

In Order of Appearance

New Characters

Abilities Used

Known Abilities

  • Appraisal Magic Item
  • Detect Enchantment
  • Magic Affinity


Known Locations

New Locations

Anime Notes

  • Brita didn't ignore Momon when he enters the inn. While in the LN and Manga, she simply ignore him.
  • Momon quickly gives Brita a potion for compensation before Nabe kills her. While in the LN and Manga, he simply gives her a potion without any thought.


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