Overlord (オーバーロード) is one of the high-tier heteromorphic races that players were able to pick in YGGDRASIL. It is the final form of the Elder Lich and Skeleton Mage, a powerful undead magic caster that pursues ultimate magic.

Types of Overlord Edit

  • Overlord Wiseman: They're skilled in magic.
  • Overlord Kronos Master: They could use time-related special abilities.
  • Overlord General: They're adept at controlling armies of the undead, among others.

Appearance Edit

Overlord is a strong magic caster with the appearance of a skeleton, devoid of both skin and flesh. A dark red light glows inside the empty eye sockets of the skull, and a dark halo-like object glimmers behind its head.

Abilities Edit

As Overlord is a powerful undead magic caster with the capability of learning and casting potent magic spells, their knowledge and magical power stretches far beyond mortal limits. They are considered to be the highest-ranking undead and could use powerful spells from the highest tiers of magic. All Overlord types have high level stats as even the weakest variants have a minimum of 80 levels at least.

Overlord Skills Edit

  • Ability Damage IV
  • Acid Immunity
  • Arcane Vision/See Invisibility
  • Black Halo
  • Create High Tier Undead (4/day)
  • Create Middle Tier Undead (12/day)
  • Create Low Tier Undead (20/day)
  • Dark Soul
  • Dark Wisdom
  • Despair Aura I
  • Despair Aura II
  • Despair Aura III
  • Despair Aura IV
  • Despair Aura V
  • Electric Immunity
  • High Tier Magic Immunity III
  • High Tier Physical Immunity III
  • Ice Immunity
  • Negative Energy Touch
  • Negative Protection
  • Speak Evil Tongues
  • Status Damage Ⅳ
  • Slashing Damage Resistance V
  • Piercing Damage Resistance V
  • Turn Resistance III
  • Undead Blessing
  • Unholy Protection

Known Overlords Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Momonga has an Overlord racial level of five.
  • There are five Overlords who guard the Grand Library, Ashurbanipal, on the 10th Floor of Nazarick.

Gallery Edit

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