Organ Egg
Monster Information
Japanese オーガン・エッグ
Romaji Ōgan Eggu
Type Unknown Tier Undead
Dominion New World
Debut Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 2
Manga Overlord Chapter 7

Organ Egg (オーガン・エッグ) is an egg-shaped undead that attacked the gate of E-Rantel during the Cemetery Incident.

Appearance Edit

Organ Egg is an egg-shaped undead with a wide gap in the middle of its chest that has countless human organs squirming inside like parasites.

Abilities Edit

Organ Egg can shoot out a pink intestine that wraps around its target, and pulls them towards itself. This ability is especially deadly while being supported by other undead, as they can then attack the target while it is bound.

Trivia Edit

  • It was among the countless undead that assaulted the gate of E-Rantel during the Cemetery incident.

Gallery Edit

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