Neural Nano-Interface is a human brain augmentation which allows it to function as a supercomputer.

Description Edit

A common technology used by humans in the Real World of Overlord. It involves injecting a syringe of nano machines directly into the subject allowing the brain to function like a computer— a super high-performance personal computer.

Risks Edit

VR Helmet

VR Helmet

The interface was essential for daily life, but sometimes they were used in crimes as well. A well-versed hacker could use the brains of others as a springboard to commit crimes.

Thus special helmets were designed that included a system that would automatically record everything which went on in the virtual world. As an aside, it would retain footage for a month, automatically deleting it after that. These monthly records functioned to record the user's actions to prove his/her innocence, even if the wearer was implicated in a crime.

One could say this was the safety net of the computing world. In contrast, not having one of these greatly increased the chances that one might be charged when involved in a crime, so only a handful of people chose not to wear them.

Abilities Edit

In order for full operational neural connection, nano machines needed to be replenished into the subject's system. Dosages of cerebral nano machines could be bought in common clinics.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Overlord Twitter Side Story, its said that the neural nano interface connects the brain directly to something called the Megacon.

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