Nazarick Elder Guarders (ナザリック・エルダーガーダー) are a sub-class of undead related to the Nazarick Old Guarders.

Appearance Edit

Nazarick Elder Guarders resemble helmeted skeletons wearing identical breastplates, draped in tattered red cloaks.

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The Lizard Man Heroes Arc Edit

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After Cocytus' failure in annihilating the Lizardmen Alliance of the Great Lake, Ainz decided, through the convincing of Cocytus and Demiurge, to change his plan from destruction to occupation. Thus, he called forth Nazarick Elder Guarders alongside 3000 Nazarick Old Guarders and Nazarick Master Guarders.

Abilities Edit

It is unknown how powerful they are compared with the Old Guarders, but they wield bucklers and bastard swords. One Nazarick Elder Guarder is at least stronger than a mithril-ranked adventurer.

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