Nazami Enec (ナザミ・エネック) was a member of the Four Imperial Knights of the Baharuth Empire.

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Like the other Four Imperial Knights he was selected by Jircniv to be a member due to his skills rather than his background.

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The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc Edit

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When Mare and Aura visited the Imperial Palace to warn Jircniv, Nazami came out to confront the trespassers. Jircniv ordered Fluder to tell Nazami to withdraw but Mare cracked the earth before he can be told to do so. Nazami was swallowed by the resulting earthquake along with several Royal Guards and subsequently killed by Mare's spell.

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Nazami utilized twin shields in battle, and was known as the specialist of defense. He was regarded as the strongest of the Four Imperial Knights in term of defense and one of the empire's most powerful warriors.

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Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix Edit

Nazami was loyal to Emperor Jircniv and the Baharuth Empire, performing his duty as one of the strongest imperial knights in the Empire.

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  • According to Nazami, he did not develop his own fighting style, but merely imitated one he had seen before, it is possible he was referring to Cedran of the Black Scripture as he has the similar fighting style.

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