Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers

The highest leveled member of the Pleiades, Narberal is a mana based magic caster who specializes in lightning-type damage dealing magic, though she is capable of some support spells as well.


  • Dark Vision


  • Dragon Lightning: A 5th tier spell that shoots white lightning in the shape of a writhing dragon from the tip of the caster's finger. As with Lightning, its effective against targets wearing metal armor.
  • Chain Dragon Lightning: A 7th tier spell that shoots dragon-shaped lightning towards the target. Let alone its intended target, it can also strike other enemies nearby.
  • Charm Person
  • Dimensional Move: A 3rd tier spell, but to magic casters, it was an escape spell used to put distance between themselves and their adversaries. The caster could only use this spell on themselves.
  • Electrosphere
  • Fly: A 3rd tier spell that gives the caster the ability to fly.
  • Fox Sleep (Web Novel): The ability to cause illusionary damage to a target at the specific place where the target tried to damage the user.
  • Invisibility: A spell that temporarily renders the caster invisible or undetectable to conventional vision.
  • Lightning: A 3rd tier spell that shoots a bolt of lightning from the tip of the caster's finger. It is effective against targets wearing metal armor.
  • Message
  • Protection Energy - Negative
  • Rabbit Ears: Increases the caster's hearing.
  • Rabbit Foot: Increases the caster's luck.
  • Bunny Tail: Decreases aggression towards the caster.
  • Rabbit Ears / Rabbit Foot / Bunny Tail: If a female character activates these three magic at the same time, it changes her clothes into a bunny girl outfit.
  • Reinforce Armor
  • Shield Wall
  • Teleportation: A 5th tier spell that allows the caster to teleport over a distance.

Main Equipment

  • Ring of Sustenance
  • Statue of Animal - War Horse
  • Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown (Formerly): It allows the user to freely teleport between every room inside Nazarick. Ainz gave this ring temporarily to her so she could move faster inside the Great Tomb of Nazarick to search Hamsuke, who got herself lost inside Nazarick.
  • Unnamed Ring: Alongside Ainz, it seems capable of hiding an unknown amount of magical power from being identify by the individual in question.


  • As Nabe, Narberal also carries around a sword to protect herself.
  • According to Fluder, with the amount of overwhelming power exuding from her, Narberal is already capable of being able to use 8th tier at maximum.


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