Minor Healing Potion is a low grade healing potion from YGGDRASIL. In the New World, It's a legendary potion which pharmacist called the God's Blood.

Description Edit

While just a minor healing item to YGGDRASIL players, the pharmacists of the New World believe it to be the legendary Blood of God. The Blood of God is an ideal potion that all potion makers strive to perfect. It appears that recovery potions were introduced to the New World by the previous YGGDRASIL players. The current potions made by pharmacists and alchemists in the New World are all imitations and flawed copies.

According to the Web Novel, Minor Healing Potion is created through the mixture of: Ryunks Stones, Vievul Dragon Stones, Gold Nostrum.

Appearance Edit

Described as a red colored liquid, which in the New World is peculiar as the norm for such potions is blue during their creation.

Abilities Edit

Minor Potion Effects

Minor Healing Potion Effects.

This potion has the ability equivalent to second tier healing magic. It recovers 50HP and is able to immediately heal wounds in a matter of seconds by whoever drinks it. From its composition by Lizzie, it is revealed that it shows no signs of deterioration or even traces of preservation magic casted upon it, an uncommon trait as all potions in the New World must have preservation magic casted on it so as to prolong its shelf-life. Due to its potent properties and longevity, it's considered to be the perfect potion. Also, it's a useful item against undead creatures, capable of injuring them to a degree.

Trivia Edit

  • For an ordinary potion in the New World it would cost 1 gold and 10 silver coins.
  • Its effect is equivalent to second tier recovery magic.
  • Nfirea and Lizzie managed to make a better version of the new world's potion which is a purple potion made from Nazarick's materials using new world's methods.
  • Potentially its economic worth would be between 8 to 32 gold coins.
  • According to Lizzie, there are three types of potion: potions made by herbs, potions made by a combination of herb and magic, and potions made by nothing but magic.

Gallery Edit

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