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  • Heyo it's me again rememeber that time when I told you that I was going to make suggestions for the wiki. Well now that I've had the chance to work on certain things I've come up with some sugesstions and changes that I think would make this wiki shine like Sun.

    Rules Section changes

    Reasons for revert/ deletions must be stated in reasons and the history tab so the user who made that edit knows what they did wrong.

    Images rules addition: Images must be in high quality and Anime screen shots must not have subs or logos on them. ( I know that it's a obvious thing to do if you put up images but it's best to state them in the rules to avoid confusion) 

    Links of Admin's message walls so that contact can be quick after reading the rules.

    Also there should be limits on certian things to add on a page excluding Images a limit on dialouge can be set as I've seen that problem here.

    Event Articles

    Articles that are about certain events that take place in the story (The Massacre at Katze Plains or the Lizardman War for example) You can put an image box down there that shows a battle of sorts or destruction of cities in the story.

    Anime,Light Novel, and Manga Images

    There can be three different Gallery boxes on each article for each source. I'd recommend putting them in this order Anime on the top Light Novel in the middle and Manga at the bottom. Also the three gallery boxes must be labled so as to not cause confusion. Also for profile images we can put tabs on them so someone can click them and it will show an Anime image a LN image and Manga image of the character. Here is how it should look (The following Image is from the Tokyo Ghoul Wiki):

    When you click Manga it displays a Manga Image click Anime and you get an Anime profile image

    Home Page Modifications

    A lot of things need to change for the home page The slides that display Anime/LN/Manga should also include any Spin offs and specials I am aware that there might be a crossover with Youjo Senki aka Saga of Tanya the Evil (Tanya and Ainz are very similar when you learn about them). Also the character images on the Nazarick characters and Major characters need to be updated. Tsuare,Marquis Raeven, Pluton Ainzach, and Theo don't even have images for them but now that Season 2 is out we can add some of them. Theo can be removed and replaced with a character from the Roble Holy Kingdom's story arc as we dont have any image of him at all. As for the Nazarick characters some of the Light Novel images of the characters can be removed and replaced with face shots of their profile images also Nigredo can be removed as she does not play a large part in the Anime and replaced with someone else (Pestonya maybe)


    Being the Senatedude that I am I propose polls on the Attack on Titan Wiki when a new chapter comes out for it's Manga. The polls are normally displayed on the right of the home page and users are allowed to vote on things. You can highlight the proposal of a poll on a disscussion board and have the community suggest a poll question and it's options to pick you can also add options if you wish or the person asks them. To select a poll to display allow at least three days to propose one on the discussion board and another day for the community to vote on one. The poll that recieves the most votes from the community wins. If a poll is not suggested or if the vote ends in a tie consult your fellow admins on how to break the tie or if one is not suggested make one of your own and display that one.

    Locked Pages

    This suggestion I have is one where we may have disagreements but I felt that we should talk about it anyways. There are a lot of locked pages on this Wiki that prevents users from editing them. Only admins can edit them and some pages are locked for reasons I have yet to find out why. I've also been noticing that you have been locking pages to prevent certain users from edting them. In my opinion just because one user adds too much dialouge or another user does something else should not mean that all users should not be allowed to edit the page. Simply tell the violator to stop and if they persist block them from editing. However if you still feel the need to lock the page simply lock it for 7 days and the violator should stop what they are doing. After the 7 day locking period is over unlock the page. However there are some pages that are locked that I think should remain locked: Ainz because he is the protagonist, Albedo because she has become the poster girl for the series, and the Home Page for obvious reasons. If you think that the locked pages should be unlocked don't do it yet wait until after the final Episode of Season 2 has been released then do it as the heat will die down for awhile until the studio decides to make a third season. The following locked Pages should in my opinion be unlocked:

    Shalltear Bloodfallen


    Aura Bella Fiora

    Mare Bello Fiore

    Sebas Tian

    Pandora's Actor

    Narberal Gamma

    Gazef Stronoff

    Brain Unglaus

    Enri Emmot


    The Pleiades Page

    The Great Tomb of Nazarick Page

    All of the Season 1 Episode Pages

    Aureole Omega 


    Ulbert Alain Odle


    Zesshi Zetsumei

    Death Night

    If theres anymore to unlock I'll let you know

    English Voice Actors

    I understand that English Dub voice actors may not perform as well as their Japanese counter parts (Based on other people's opinions) but we should display their names on the characters they voice because they do good work and should be recongized for their work by this wiki.

    Alright that is all the suggestions I have for now I'll let you know If I come up with more until then I'll see ya later.

    PS Sorry if theres any spelling errors or grammer mistakes I'm not perfect.

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  • Hey there how are you?

    I was just wondering where the Episode 9 images are did something happen cuz I can tell you about another possible source for images assuming you need them.

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  • Hey again,

    I have a question about what I could put on my blog page and whether it would be against the rules or not. Say I didn't like a character and would like to put an in-depth argument why people shouldn't like that character so much. Would I be allowed to put something like that on my blogpage? would it be against the rules or unadvisable for certain issues?

    thanks again.


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  • How'd you become a Moderator though?

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  • Hey,

    I was just reviewing pages like the Re-Estize page, I noticed that there were several links to the same page like for example, "Great Nobles", which has three different links to it. I was thinking that I could just get rid of the other redundant links and only keep the first link which is usually the first one that was added so that we don't have redundant links.

    Your Thoughts?


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  • Isn't the race list better in a

    • Race
      • Subrace

    format? For more info / easier reading in less space

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  • Why did Evileye's page get locked I'm rather curious.

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  • Hello, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. Here are some of Evileye quotes since you know which quotes are suitable and since I can't add them myself now that the page is protrcted. I look forward to working together to improve the Wikia.

    • (To herself about Gagaran and Tia): "...No, under these conditions, nobody can fight Jaldabaoth besides the great man in front of me. Resurrecting the two of them would do nothing to alter the circumstances. It would be wiser for them to focus on recovery after their revival."
    • (To herself) "Thinking carefully on what had already been said... I should have seen that coming. As for looking out for Jaldabaoth's return... That implies he wants to protect me? Fufu..."
    • (To Monmon about Entoma): "Jaldabaoth said that he had consumed part of the Capital in hellfire. A maid following someone like that couldn't possibly be a normal person. I believe my colleagues’ decision to fight her was the correct course of action."
    • (Evileye belief before meeting Monmon): "It's foolish to want to be protected because you're weak. Instead, all you need to do is become strong, and you won't need anyone to protect you. That should be the way."
    • (To herself about having Monmon child): "Another woman can have the child. The most important thing is love. I certainly won't begrudge him a mistress or two."
    • (To herself): "What a waste. Even trivia like that has its uses. I should have listened closely... but would it be too late to start now? Will I have time to learn how to be a woman?"
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  • I was wondering when you were gonna figure out that you put the SAME image as I did on Solution's page when the trailer released. That was funny when I realized it.

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  • Hello there. Why did you delete Jet Testania page? Isn't he a character in the web novel.

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