Unnamed Master of Caves and Mines is one of the members of the Regency Council of the Dwarf Kingdom.

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The Master of Caves and Mines possesses a shrewd personality with an unyielding determination.

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The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc Edit

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The Regency Council greeted the Sorcerer King in the capital of Feo Jera. When the offer of trading undead labor was brought up during the negotiations, among the councilors, the Master of Caves and Mines was receptive to the idea of using undead in his mines. When the dwarf questioned the Sorcerer King, he was surprised to learn that the human nations had applied using the undead in their mines.

During the next phase of the negotiations, Ainz offered to drive back the Quagoa and retake their former capital, Feo Berkana, he was among the Regency that accepted the offer.

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The Master of Caves and Mines, as the name suggests has control over all mining operations in the Dwarf Kingdom.

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Ainz Ooal Gown Edit

Like his colleagues in the Regency Council, the dwarf was terrified of the undead, but was able to mask fear due to his professionalism. After the meeting with the Sorcerer King, it appears he is favorably inclined to the Overlord, due to his greed to cut costs in his mining operations.

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  • (To Ainz after negotiations): "Please allow us to thank you on behalf of this country. Without Your Majesty, this country would have been destroyed."

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