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A Magic Caster casting a spell.

Magic Caster (マジック・キャスター, Majikku Kyasutā) is the generic term used to describe those with a profession in magic in the New World and YGGDRASIL.

Introduction to Types of Magic Casters

All tier spells in YGGDRASIL could be categorized into four great systems of magic, each one with some exclusive spells and characteristics. Not only that, but magic casters too are also categorized by the system of magic that they use. Players playing the role of a magic caster gain access to this systems through specific job classes like:

  • Arcane Type Magic Caster: Elementalist, Sorcerer, etc.
  • Divine Type Magic Caster: Cleric, Hierophant, etc.
  • Spiritual Type Magic Caster: Talisman User, Shaman, etc.

There are other categories like Blessing type, that belong to the Alternative system:

  • Blessing Type Magic Caster: Bard, Paladin, Cursed Knight, etc. 

Each category has its own rank system. If a character learned a 7th-tier spell in Arcane Type Magic and 2nd-tier spells in Divine Type Magic, they are treated as a 7th-tier Magic Caster. Thus, an efficient class build is necessary if one wants to use spells of higher tiers.

Abilities and Powers

Every magic caster possesses the ability to use the magic of a certain type. They can change the results of the battlefield in their favor depending on their skills and power level. Magic casters, especially arcaners from the New World, had weaker bodies than the likes of warriors. Instead of training one's body like a warrior, they spend all the time and effort on learning magic. Magic casters, who could fight on par with warriors were nonexistent and rather prefer to fight from a distance.

Unfortunately, using magic required intense focus, during which the body could not move. The movement would disrupt one's sense of balance and make concentration difficult for the magic caster. This was the reason why magic casters always stood still to cast their spells. Additionally, magic casters who were in melee range with warriors could be stopped from casting their spells. Despite the shortcoming, magic casters like Evileye could use 'Fly' to maintain a distance without disrupting their concentration, and thus fight a mobile battle.

According to Fluder, magic casters, in particular, radiate something like an aura from their bodies. The more adept one becomes in magic, the stronger this aura becomes. However, this supposed aura exuded by the magic caster is said to be invisible to the naked eye. Yet for a talent holder like Arche which allows her to see the magic caster's invisible aura, she described it to be representing the amount of magical power they possess.

Among the magic casters, those that call upon god’s miracles are the clerics and priests placed heavy emphasis on their faith stat. Magicians comprised of wizards and secret arts users are called Arcaners who placed priority on their magic power stat. While the talismancers and shamans tend to put heavy emphasis on mainly their mental strength stat. Lastly were those that happened to place heavy emphasis on other stats besides the one's mention.

Known Magic Casters


  • Magic caster was a class where one had to plan extensively into the future, is what some YGGDRASIL Players said.
  • Priests or faith-based magic casters differ from pure magic casters because they can wear full-body armor.
  • In the Web Novel, seven magic caster class levels are needed to master 1st-tier of magic. (Ex : level 1~7 - 1st-tier, 8~14 - 2nd-tier, etc.) Yet it is not clear whether this setting is changed in the Light Novel.
  • Magic casters from YGGDRASIL cannot use melee weapons or equip armor other than cloth, without special classes or abilities. This goes for Ainz too, even after being transported into the New World.
  • A number of special Job Classes from YGGDRASIL allow magic casters the ability to equip heavy armor and utilize warrior class weapons. One example is Narberal Gamma's Armor Mage job class.
    • Another method would be to use a spell like "Perfect Warrior," which allows the magic caster to turn into a warrior and use their class weapons and many more.