Light-Fingered Demon (ライトフィンガード・デーモン) is a lower ranked demon thief.

Appearance Edit

It is a demon that is slightly larger than a child. It has a big head with crimson eyes without eyelids and a mouth with sharp fangs bared. Its body is tight with moldy arms and sharp claws long enough to reach the floor. The skin is white like a corpse.


A devil with light and nimble fingers. In the early days of YGGDRASIL, it was designed to be able to steal any and every type of items, including the World Item. As the operating company got a lot of complaints from players, a patch was eventually applied and it has been tweaked to only steal items up to the same level as itself. Because it can steal potions and the like, this frustrated low level players.

Trivia Edit

  • It appeared only in the Web Novel and attacked the water goddess temple in the Slane Theocracy during a divination ritual.
  • They are summoned by [Rune Smith] skill, "Summon Abyss Lesser Army".
  • They are part of Nazarick defense system, forming the first wave of counter attack.
  • One of them stole the ring of a female guard which was given to her by her fiance without ever giving it back.

Gallery Edit

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