Librarian J (司書J) is an elder lich in the service of Titus Annaeus Secundus in the Grand Library of Ashurbanipal.

Appearance Edit

Librarian J wears a black hooded robe, a belt attached with a jewelry embedded wand and various straps interwoven with crystals. He has a pale face that looked as if it had been embalmed. To differentiate himself from the other elder lichs in the library, he wears an armband on his left arm with his name written on it.

Personality Edit

Contrary to his decrepit appearance and status as an elder lich, Librarian J is friendly to visitors of the Grand Library. He is very courteous and helpful in his duties as a librarian. The librarian is known to often suggest books to advent readers.

Background Edit

Librarian J acts as one of the several caretakers of the Grand Library of Ashurbanipal.

Chronology Edit

The Two Leaders Arc Edit

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When Mare Bello Fiore visited the Grand Library, Librarian J greeted the Floor Guardian and guided him to Titus. He also accepted the books Mare wished to return.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Librarian J is an elder lich, and possesses all the basic racial traits as one. He is specifically a "white palter of false wealth". He is at average only level 30 and wields a jeweled wand that is strapped to his waist. 

Relationships Edit

Titus Annaeus Secundus Edit

Titus is Librarian J's superior, thus he is the Chief Librarian's subordinate.

Mare Bello Fiore Edit

Mare is a frequent visitor to the Grand Library, so the elder lich is accommodating to the Floor Guardian.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Web Novel, Librarian J is a level 31 elder lich in Nazarick.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Mare): "The Chief Librarian started crafting scrolls not too long ago, so he should be in the Crafting Room."
  • (To Mare): "Then I have a recommendation for you. It’s a book that will make you laugh non-stop. It's about murder— Ah, this way."

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