La-Angler Lava Lord is one of the three rulers of Mt. Rappaslea, ruling the Land of Molten Magma.

Appearance Edit

La-Angler Lava Lord is a gigantic monster over 50 meters long, which resembles a anglerfish. However, instead of a bright lure on its head like its aquatic counterpart, it possessed a tentacle.

Abilities and Powers Edit

The La-Angler Lava Lord is one of the New World's fine examples of how a monster can continue to grow with age and become an apex monster. It is one of the superior specimens with a specialized form of evolution adapted to its lava environment.

Using its tentacle, the creature could seize a distant foe and deposit it into its oversized jaws. It has sturdy and tough skin, covered with scales, with a toughness far surpassing that of even orichalcum.

Trivia Edit

  • If ranked by the Adventurer's difficulty rating it would be 140.
  • The dwarves of the Dwarf Kingdom have recorded sightings of the beast.

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