Kaijali (カイジャリ) is a goblin soldier and a member of the Goblin Troop.

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 Background Edit

Enri Emmot used the Horn of the Goblin General to summon Kaijali and his brethren. Thanks to their help, they came to support her and Carne Village in rebuilding and protecting its inhabitants.

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The Two Leaders Arc Edit

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Kaijali had returned from a patrol of the outskirts of the Great Forest of Tob, he spotted Paipo and Enri working in the fields. Taking a moment to stop, he reported that something bad was happening in the forest, before heading to find Jugem.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Kaijali is a level 8 goblin soldier. He is equipped with a chain shirt, a round shield and a sturdy machete which hangs from his belts.

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Enri Emmot Edit

Like all the summoned goblins, Kaijali is fiercely loyal to Enri Emmot.

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