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Various Magical Items

Items in the world of Overlord ranges to a diverse paraphernalia, each with its own extraordinary abilities and different traits. This page shows a list of Items found in YGGDRASIL and the New World in Overlord.


Items and armaments in YGGDRASIL were classified according to their data size. The greater the data, the higher the grade of the Item. Starting from the bottom, the classes were: Low, Medium, High, Top Class, Legacy, Relic, Legendary, Divine. The highest class is supposed to be the Divine class, Guild class but the World Champion is a special elite class.

However, the one and only type of item that is able to easily override the effects or powers of any of the previously mentioned classes are the World Class Items. While so, magic items such as armor would not be destroyed unless they were targeted by specific spells. Also, metal was durable and highly resistant to to pure energy attacks like lightning, flame or ice. Hence, armor made from metal for starters was hard to destroy, since it had high defense, but low HP.

World Class Items

There were only two hundred of these items in YGGDRASIL. Even Guild weapons and Divine-class weapons couldn’t match them. World Class Items are the most powerful items known. They are the most admired and feared items throughout the entire YGGDRASIL. Given their rule-bending powers, in addition to the slim chance of finding them, a player who is lucky enough to come into possession of even just one of the World Class Items could easily shake the game's power balance. Basically, they are the "Wild card" or the "Joker card" of YGGDRASIL.

World Champion Items

The World Champion was a special class granted only to the victor of the official martial tournament. Only a few had managed to obtain the World Champion class of which there were only nine in YGGDRASIL. As for the prize, the champion was given one piece of special equipment by the administrator. The power of the equipment for a World Champion surpassed Divine Class items, rivaling even Guild weapons. Of course, since it was a reward for the winner of the tournament, only the World Champion could equip it. However, under certain situations, one may put them on by casting a spell like "Perfect Warrior".

Guild Items

YGGDRASIL's weapons — Guild Weapons and a few others aside — possessed a data capacity that was determined by the value of the materials used in their construction and the skill of their maker. This data capacity limited the number of data crystals which could be added to it. Thus, rarer metals allowed for the creation of a correspondingly more powerful weapon.

Divine Class Items

YGGDRASIL magic items were created from embedding computer data crystals. However, with the performance of computer data crystals dropped by monsters to be random, it was necessary to have several “extremely rare loot” computer data crystals just to be able to create a Divine class item. Not only that, if you wanted these computer data crystals to be embedded into a container— such as a sword-type weapon—it had to be a weapon forged from ultra-rare metal for it to be possible.

As such, even for level 100 players, it was common not to have a single Divine class item. Besides questing for them or making them, another method of obtaining Divine Class Items was through the gacha system, a lottery system that lets players obtain these rare items within a limited time.

Legendary Class Items

Relic Class Items

Legacy Class Items

Top Class Items

High Class Items

Middle Class Items

Low Class Items

Artifact Class Items

Artifacts are not related to specific ranks. It just means they are items with fixed data created by the game developers. Therefore, artifacts with low rank to high rank powers can exist.

Unknown Class Items

Known New World Items

While some magical and legendary items originated from YGGDRASIL, such as Nigun's Sealing Crystal and Lakyus's sword, there are items that were created with either Wild Magic or Runecraft in the New World and thus unique even by YGGDRASIL standards. Some magic items have racial limitations on who can use them, or sometimes the limitation is unique to the item type. For instance, to use a scroll, one has to have mastered the magic system it comes from, or it won't work. Fortunately, it is possible to bypass this setback if a New World inhabitant possess Talents concerning that.


  • A few items listed here on this page not only originate from the light novel, but also the web novel.
  • Some items from the web novel were later adapted into the light novel.

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