Item Box is a dimensional space which YGGDRASIL players use to store their items.

Appearance Edit

A palm-sized dark, purplish portal that opens up in the fabric of space and time when a player puts their hand in.

Abilities Edit

Item Box allows people to store or place various sorts of items within. It seems to possess a limitless amount of space. However, the limit to its capacity is 500kg. Extremely useful for storing different items needed based on the situation. It is possible for a high level thief to steal from it, though the limit of loot would be one or two items per player.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Web Novel, the Item Box has the ability to contain infinite amount of items.
  • Momonga put his hand into the item box to take out the Infinite Flask to give Aura and Mare a drink.
  • Momon used it to take out numerous type of Magic Scrolls for Nabe to use during their attempt to safely pinpoint the location of the kidnappers.
  • Momon later used Infinite Flask to clean himself after killing Clementine.
  • In the Emissary of the King, Players could expand their item box spaces by using cash items, however, an NPC's item box was still limited.
  • NPCs also possess their own Item Boxes, allowing them to call forth various stored equipment.