Homunculi are artificially made humans created through alchemy.

Appearance Edit

The outward appearance of a Homunculus is heavily influenced by the materials used and the idea of the creator. A Homunculus could even be mistaken for a human if one doesn't possess prior knowledge or experience.

Abilities Edit

It seems Homunculi possess Increased Food Consumption as a racial penalty. While possessing similar physical framework as humans, it seems they are dependent on additional nutrition to function. While they were still superior to level 1 human beings in terms of stats, if it came down to a fight, a homunculus would only have a 60% chance of victory.

Trivia Edit

  • Homunculi are rare creatures in the New World.
  • Although the external characteristics for most homunculi that appear in the Overlord series until now are look upon as visually humanoid, the race is still classified to be a Heteromorphic regardless of their appearance.