Head Priest of Green Claw
Head Priest of Green Claw
Personal Information
Gender Female
Occupation Head Priest
Residence House in Green Claw's Territory
Media Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 4
Manga Overlord Chapter 16

Unnamed Head Warrior Green Claw is the leader of Green Claw's druids before joining the Lizardmen Alliance.

Appearance Edit

The Head Priest is an aged lizardman, her body painted with sinister-looking white markings.

Personality Edit

The Head Priest is wise in the ways of magic and is considerate of others lack of understanding of the subject and is willing to provide a layman's rendition of the difference of power between tiers of magic in terms of combat ability.

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc Edit

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

At Green Claw's tribal meeting, she gave her assessment of Iguva=41's tier of magic. She believed that the undead servant possessed the power of fourth tier magic rather than sixth, as that was considered an impossibility. It was her opinion that they should flee rather than face such a powerful foe.

The Head Warrior rejected the idea, getting into an argument with her. Shasuryu diffused the argument between them to allow the Head Hunter to speak his opinion. When Zaryusu offered his advice in the matter, the Head Warrior and other heads allowed him to speak in objection to the elders. 

Abilities and Powers Edit

The Head Priest commanded Green Claw's druids. She possessed the ability of magic of the 2nd tier at best, but even others in the tribe would think twice to fight her.

Relationships Edit

Head Warrior Edit

The Head Priest was at odds with the Head Warrior as he disregarded her opinion of retreating from the forces of the Supreme One. She considered him retarded for rejecting her words.

Shasuryu Shasha Edit

The Head Priest respects and is in deference to the tribal leader, obeying his commands.

Zaryusu Shasha Edit

The Head Priest was more than willing to listen to Zaryusu's opinions as she respected his experience.

Quotes Edit

Gallery Edit

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