Personal Information
Japanese 紅蓮
Romaji Guren
Gender Unknown
  • Heteromorphic Race
  • Hell Slime
Affiliation Great Tomb of Nazarick
Occupation Area Guardian
  • Great Tomb of Nazarick
  • 7th Floor: River of Flame
Media Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 8

Guren (紅蓮) is an Area Guardian of the River of Flame on the seventh floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


Guren is an abyssal, hellish slime of enormous size. Its sex is unknown to much if not all of Nazarick, with Pulcinella even believing it to be genderless.


While guarding Nazarick, Guren prefers to conceal itself and pull unsuspecting opponents into advantageous terrain.



The Emissary of the King Arc

Guren noticed a lone Death Knight traveling along the River of Flame, after stalking the undead for awhile it lost interest after realizing the Death Knight was not an enemy.

The Two Leaders Arc

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

Aura mentions to Albedo and Shalltear that should intruders progress past the sixth floor, they would still need to overcome both Guren on the seventh floor and the entire eighth floor before reaching Ainz.

After Pulcinella delivers a message to Mare from Demiurge, Mare remarks that, should he wish to send a reply, he may need to use Guren as a relay and inquires of Pulcinella the whereabouts of Guren. Pulcinella informs Mare that the last time he saw Guren was when Demiurge wasn't present and that it was lying in ambush around the gate to the sixth floor.

Abilities and Powers

Guren is a level 90 hell slime. Despite this, it is optimized for combat with abilities that rival those of the weaker Floor Guardians.



As Floor Guardian of the seventh floor, Demiurge is Guren's direct superior.


  • In the English publication of the Light Novel, Guren's name was translated as 'Crimson'.
  • Guren is Japanese for 'red lotus'. Guren-jigoku, one of the eight cold hells in Buddhist teachings, causes one's flesh to split from the temperature and form the likeness of a red lotus.


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