Guilty Ordinance is the Guild Weapon once wielded by one of the Eight Greed Kings. Formerly, with this guild weapon in their possession, among them was said to be the master of the guild.

Description Edit

Platinum Dragon Lord has a guild weapon, originally belonging to the Eight Greed Kings under his protection. According to Platinum Dragon Lord, it was the kind of weapon built to kill and something which one of the Eight Greed Kings used to murder their own members with. Platinum Dragon Lord states that it was a weapon also used by the person who deserved to be called the Leader of the Thirteen Heroes two hundred years ago.

Appearance Edit

Guilty Ordinance was a blade crafted out of crystal. Platinum Dragon Lord described the guild weapon's appearance as a gorgeous yet gaudy sword visually.

Abilities Edit

Even though this guild weapon isn't suitable for slashing, Guilty Ordinance's sharpness surpassed anything created in the New World. In the Web Novel, Platinum Dragon Lord stated that Guilty Ordinance was the type of guild weapon that symbolizes the Eight Greed Kings, a borrowed item that gave a blessing at a price.

Trivia Edit

  • While Guilty Ordinance is known in the Web Novel, the guild weapon's identity may still seem unclear, since Platinum Dragon Lord had trouble remembering the full name.
  • Platinum Dragon Lord described Guilty Ordinance as something seemingly impossible to craft with modern Tier Magic.

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