Guardian Knight
Monster Information
Japanese ガーディアンナイト
Romaji Gādian'naito
Type Insect
Race Heteromorphic Race
Occupation 9th Floor Guard
Debut Information

Guardian Knights (ガーディアンナイト) are elite insect soldiers. They guard and patrol the 9th Floor.

Appearance Edit

Guardian Knights resemble a stag beetles. While so, they wear uniform crimson surcoats. In addition, in place of armor, each knight possess an incredibly tough exoskeleton.

Abilities Edit

They are high-level insect-type warriors. They have compound eyes, which gives them a broad field of vision.

Main Equipment Edit

  • Spear: A crimson spear that gives off a pulsating aura.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name and appearance has come from the Web Novel. In the Light Novel, Guardian Knights were briefly mentioned as Cocytus's subordinates.

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