Gigu Tribe
Overlord EP06 036
Faction Information
Leader Ah
Type Goblin Tribe
Status Active
Debut Information
Light Novel Overlord Volume 8

Gigu Tribe is a goblin tribe that lived within the depths of the Great Forest of Tob.

Background Edit

The tribe was led by Chieftain Ah. At one point, his tribe became associated with a tribe of hobgoblins. Through this interaction he and his mate adopted Agu, a young hobgoblin child.

The goblins learned of the creation of the Monument of Ruin and its epicenter for undead activity through the surviving warriors that managed to escape. The tribe also noticed the increasing activity of the two forest rulers, and the disappearance of another. Realizing that something foreboding was on the rise, the tribe decided to split into smaller parties to find a new home.

After the tribe divided itself, they became weaker and thus allowing the Giant of the East along with his forces to easily take control. As a result, the Gigu Tribe were forced to join the troll's army on their war against the Monument of Destruction. Yet at the same time, the goblins suffered heavy losses as many of its members were killed and eaten by the trolls army for the slightest infraction. Although there were some attempts to escape elsewhere like the Southern Forest, they continued to be ruthlessly hunted down one by one in numbers.

Chronology Edit

The Two Leaders Arc Edit

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

The Gigu Tribe's situation was revealed at Carne Village from a surviving goblin. It seemed obvious that Gigu Tribe's smaller parties did not make it to safety. The remnants were rescued by the Goblin Troop and became new members of Carne Village.

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc Edit

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

The remnants of the Gigu Tribe, under the supervision of Enri Emmot came to peacefully coexist with the human inhabitants of Carne Village. When Kingdom's army attacked the village in an unprovoked manner, the orges and goblins acted in cohesion with the humans defense and evaluation plans.

Strength Edit

The Gigu Tribe was fairly strong as claimed by Agu. The goblins were quite numerous and had several ogres under their command. The tribe coexisted with the ogres to such a degree that the ogres were definitely loyal to the goblins, risking death when they escaped together from the Giant of the East. About fourteen goblins and five ogres are all that remains of the once powerful forest tribe.

Known Members Edit

  • Ah (Chieftain)
  • Agu

Trivia Edit

  • Gigu Tribe are now part of Carne Village and the Goblin Army.

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