Gigant Basilisk
Gigant Basilisk
Monster Information
Japanese ギガント・バジリスク
Romaji Giganto Bajirisuku
Type Giant Monster
Race Basilisk
Dominion New World
Debut Information
Light Novel Overlord Drama CD 02

Gigant Basilisk (ギガント・バジリスク) is a variant type of Basilisk.

Appearance Edit

The Gigant Basilisk is a snake like monster with eight legs at each side of its body. The head has a huge crown-like horns and its tough skin rivals that of armor made from mythril. Even the body fluid of this monster is equal to an instant death poison to anyone foolish enough to touch it. With characteristics and traits of both a lizard and a snake combined, the Gigant Basilisk is a giant monster measuring ten meters.

Chronology Edit

The Dark Hero's Story Arc Edit

Main article: The Dark Hero's Story Arc

A Gigant Basilisk made an appearance in a nearby village hunting goblins. It was then encountered by Momon while he was escorting Torkel Karan Dale Völkchenheim, who hired Momon to help him defeat a monster by himself as part of Torkel's coming of age ceremony. Despite Torkel's warnings to Momon that the Gigant Basilisk would be too powerful and dangerous to fight, it was easily defeated by Momon. In the future, Torkel's story of his encounter with Dark Hero Momon whose heroic battle against the Gigant Basilisk are retold by Torkel himself to his descendants later on in his life.

Abilities Edit

As a basilisk, it possesses the same abilities such as a petrifying gaze and deadly poison coursing through its veins. Though unlike a normal breed of basilisk, it has a thick scales as hard as mythril. They are normally difficult to counter against without the presence of a faith based magic caster who is able to provide crucial support such as Healing and Reinforce Armour.

The Gigant Basilisk is rumored to be strong enough to destroy a small town. Therefore, only adamantite ranked adventurers would dare to face off against this beast. Gagaran herself, an adamantite ranked adventurer, mentions that the Gigant Basilisk is the worst enemy to encounter for a warrior who specializes in close range combat.

  • Petrifying Gaze
  • Toxic Poison

Trivia Edit

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