Gashokukochuuou (餓食狐蟲王, がしょくこちゅうおう) is an Area Guardian of the Large Hole in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

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The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc Edit

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Ainz orders Aura to bring Hekkeran and Imina to the Large Hole, saying that Gashokukochuuou is running out of "room" to use. However, Aura managed to convince her master to give the task to her brother Mare instead.

The Pleiades Day Arc Edit

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To celebrate the acquisition of its new home, Gashokukochuuou held a house-warming party, inviting the rest of the Five Worst to its home on the 6th Floor.

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Gashokukochuuou is on good terms with Cocytus.

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  • It is very likely that Gashokukochuuou is a parasite-type NPC.
    1. Its name "餓食狐蟲" sounds similar to "芽殖孤虫", a Japanese name for Sparganum.
    2. It uses humans as a "house".
    3. The author said that Hekkeran and Imina gained weight after volume 7, it seems that the Gashokukochuuou or its family are infesting them.
    4. Aura hates to visit the Large Hole and sends Mare instead. This reaction is very similar to that when she heard about Kyouhukou.

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